World History Ch 9-11

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It commanded key trade routes linking Europe and Asia
True about Constantinople
his "Body of Civil Law"
Justinian's most important achievement was probably
A Byzantine Emperor banned religious icons
What issue was the cause of bitter battle between eastern and western Christianity?
Venetian merchants gained control of Byzantine trade
What helped cause the decline of the Byzantine empire?
Black Sea
Constantinople was in a key location on the strait that links the Mediterranean with?
Built the strongest military force in the world
Under the rule of Justinian, the Byzantine empire...
Eastern Orthodox Church
After the Great Schism the Byzantine Church became known as the ?
Byzantine Scholars produced many notable books especially in the field of?
the southern steppe
What region of medieval Russia was a great highway for nomadic migration?
Russian rulers continued the Mongols' use of absolute power
True about Mongol Rule of medieval Russia
sought to limit the power of landowning nobles
Ivan the Great?
through rivers running from north to south
Medieval Russian traders most often reached the Byzantine world in what way?
Slavs and Vikings
The development of Kiev and its culture was the result of blended cultures of what two peoples?
the farming region of Ukraine
Russia's first civilization began in?
They cut Russia off from contacts with Western Europe
What was the effect of Mongol rule over medieval Russia?
defeating the Golden Horde at the Battle of Kulikovo
In 1380, the Russian princes of Moscow took control from the Mongols by?
issued laws that tied Russian serfs to the land
Tsar Ivan the Terrible of Russia?
Golden Horde
Mongol armies who ruled much of medieval Russia were known as?
The open, treeless grassland of southern Russia?
Ivan the Great
A Tsar who brought much of northern Russian under his rule?
Ivan the Terrible
A Tsar who left Russia seething with rebellion at the time of his death?
The center of the first Russian state?
The central government was weak due to the "free veto"
Why did Poland-Lithuania weaken in the late 1600's?
Roman Catholicism
In the 900's West Slavs of Poland were influenced by missionaries spreading?
Magyars who raided Europe from the Asian Steppes eventually settled in?
Danube and Vistula
In medieval Eastern Europe, goods and cultural influences traveled along the?
It made it difficult for the government to take decisive action
What effect did the "free veto" have on the government of Poland-Lithuania?
They adopted Roman Catholicism and ruled the kingdom
What lasting impact did the Magyars have on the kingdom of Hungary?
Balkan Peninsula
An area of southeastern Europe extending into the Mediterranean Sea?
Golden Bull of 1222
A document that limited the power of Magyar rulers?
Roman Catholicism
In the 900s, the West Slavs of Poland were influenced by missionaries spreading
Justinian had both political and spiritual power
The rule of the Byzantine emperor Justinian differed from the rule of monarchs in Western Europe in that
They cut Russia off from contacts with Western Europe
What was an effect of Mongol rule over medieval Russia?
defeating the Golden Horde at the Battle of Kulikovo
In 1380, the Russian princes of Moscow took control from the Mongols
Slavs and Vikings
The development of Kiev and its culture was the result of the blended cultures of what two peoples?
his religion would disrupt their pilgrim trade
Merchants in Mecca were hostile to Muhammad because they thought
Each Muslim should make a pilgrimage to Mecca
Which of the following is a key belief, or duty, of Islam?
heard the voice of the angel Gabriel calling him
According to Muslim belief, Muhammad became the prophet of Islam after he
Muslims believe the sacred word of God as revealed to Muhammad is contained in the
rededicated the Kaaba to Allah.
Mecca became the holiest city in Islam because that is where Muhammad
Islamic system of law?
Sacred text of Islam?
Muslim mystics who sought communion with God through rituals such as meditation and fasting were known as
imposed a special tax on non-Muslims
When Muslims conquered a new land, they often
Shiites are followers of Muhammad's son-in-law, Ali
How do the beliefs of Shiite and Sunni Muslims differ?
The Byzantine and Persian empires were weak.
What helped the Umayyad caliphs to expand their empire?
had developed a luxurious lifestyle
By the 8th century, many Muslims criticized Umayyad Caliphs because the Caliphs had developed what?
successor to Muhammad as political and religious leader of the Muslims
slender tower of a mosque, from which Muslims are called to prayer
Handicraft manufacturing was typically organized by guilds.
Which of the following is generally true about the economies of Muslim Cultures..
The Thousand and One Nights
Arab writers gathered and adapted stories from their own and other cultures in the collection entitled
the demand for products made by Muslim artisans
Between 750 and 1350, what helped a prosperous system of international trade to develop in the Muslim world?
They did not portray human figures in religious art
What was true about paintings by Muslim artists?
He compiled a huge encyclopedia of medical knowledge
How did the famous Persian physician Ibn Sina Avicenna improve the practice of medicine?
The art of beautiful handwriting is called?
Who wrote the history of Persia entitled - Book of Kings?
Rejection of caste system
Which of the following beliefs and practices are shared by both Sikhs and Muslims
trade increased in the Sahara
What happened when camels were brought from Asia to Africa?
iron/iron ore
Meroe's success as the capital of Nubia was the ability of its people to make tools out of?
After Muslims conquered cities of North Africa the dominant language became?
studying language patterns
Scholars have been able to trace the Bantu migrations by?
Why did Neolithic people of North Africa migrate to the south?
The Kingdom of Nubia was influenced by the culture and traditions from the civilization of _______.
A large grass plain is called a ?
Ancient African kingdom on the upper Nile River?
A waterfall area ?
Tolls collected from the flow of gold and salt helped build this kingdom?
Mansa Musa
One result of this man's hajj was to start an Islamic University in Timbuktu?
cast bronze and brass
People from Ife may have taught the people of Benin to?
Salt was scarce in West Africa. People needed it to replace salt lost in their diets due to perspiration especially in hot climates and to preserve food.
Why did West African Merchants pay a high price for salt?
Ghana was aided greatly because of having a lot of ?
The capital of this place was made up of two walled towns?
brought key trade routes under his control
What did Sonni Ali do to make the empire of Songhai's stronger.
Trade in slaves, ivory, and pepper helped to build this rainforest kingdom?
Women were among the rulers of this West African city-state?
More than what is needed could be called having a ?
Wealthy West African Kingdom which grew around the trading center of Gao?
Who started the Kingdom of Mali?
descendants from the isralite king solomon and queen of Sheba
The Glory of Kings said that ancestors of the Kings of Ethiopia were?
that Africa had traded with China and India
Remains of Chinese porcelain found in Africa suggests?
exports and trade
The economic success of Great Zimbabwe was helped by?
African and Jewish traditions merged in Axum with a language called?
solid rock carved from mountains
King Lalibela's houses of worship were made of ?
populations have grown too great and civil war/dwindling trade
Many experts say the empire of the Great Zimbabwe declined because of?
King Lalibela
Who directed that churches be carved out of solid rock in Ethiopia?
This language developed in East Africa, its name meant "of the coast"?
A group of electors and once the king was elected they had to govern according to traditional laws.
The King of the Kongo was chosen by ?
brothers and sisters
Matrilineal societies formed strong ties between who ?
Shared power among several people
Unlike larger kingdoms, the governments of smaller medieval African societies often?
A group of households with a common ancestor ?
Nuclear Family
Parents and children living together as a unit?