Pharmacology 11-15

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Advair diskus contains
C. fluticasone and salmeterol
Decongestants should be avoided with patients that have all the following conditions, except
For which of the following drugs should the patient be advised not to swallow the capsules
If a patient is ordered to inhale 2 puffs of an MDI, how long should they wait before inhaling the second puff if they are not experiencing an asthma exacerbation?
A. approximately 1 minute
Once formoterol is removed from the refrigerator, it may be used for _____ assuming that the manufacturer's expiration is not an earlier date.
3 months
Surfactants for respiratory distress syndrome are administered via which of the following routes of administration?
Tiotropium is an example of an _______ drug used in the treatment of COPD.
Tussionex is a combination drug with chlorpheniramine and which of the following drugs?
When short-acting beta agonists and inhaled corticosteroids are not adequately controlling breathing symptoms, a physician prescribes Singulair, which is an
C. leukotriene inhibitor
which of the following antihistamines also has antitussive properties?
c. chlorpheniramine
Which of the following antitussive medications has a boxed warning about respiratory depression and death in children who receive it after tonsillectomy or adenoidectomy?
A. codeine
which of the following classes of drugs enables the patient to rid the lungs and airway of mucus when coughing and decreases the thickness and viscosity of mucus?
d. expectorants
which of the following classes of drugs stimulates the alpha-adrenergic receptors of the vascular smooth muscle, constricting the dilated arteriolar network within the nasal mucosa?
Which of the following corticosteroids contains lactose and should not be used in those patients with a hypersensitivity to milk proteins or lactose?
which of the following drug classes protect cell membrane from rupturing and causes less histamine and fewer leukotrienes and prostaglandins to be released into airway tissue?
c. mast cell stabilizers
which of the following drugs is the most commonly used OTC expectorant?
which of the following is a decongestants available as a table, injection, eye drop, and nasal spray?
d. phenylephrine
which of the following is a group of chronic lung disease that are irreversible, progressive conditions in which airflow is limited by an abnormal inflammatory response?
B. chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
What is the common name of a group of plants whose seeds yield fiber?
which of the following antidiarrheal products has a dispensing status of OTC?
c. loperamide
which of the following antiemetics is avilabl as a transdermal patch marketed for motion sickness?
which of the following does not increase the risk of GERD?
dairy products
which of the following drug classes must be taken daily, rather than as needed, for the treatment of GERD?
proton pump inhibitors
which of the following drug classes used to treat GERD may lead to malabsorption of dietary vitamin B12 with prolonged treatment?
b. antihistamines (H-2 histamine receptor antagonists)
which of the following drug classifications do not typically cause constipation?
which of the following drugs adheres to proteins at he ulcer site, forming a protective coat or shield over the ulcer that resists degradation by gastric acid, pepsin, and bile salts?
D. sucralfate
which of the following antiemetic drugs has a dispensing status of OTC?
which of the following drugs is an antacid?
d. calcium carbonate
which of the following drugs is an antihistamine (H-2 receptor antagonist ) used to treat GERD?
which of the following is considered to be a hazardous agent and should be handled and disposed of appropriately?
b. misoprostol
which of the following drugs is used to treat a tear or fissure in the rectal canal?
b. nitroglycerin
which of the following is a bulk- forming laxative?
b. methylcellulose
which of the following is a serotonin (5-HT) receptor antagonists used to prevent and treat severe nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapeutic medications, radiation treatments, or anesthesia?
a. ondansetron
which of the following is a surfactant used to treat constipation?
b. docusate
which of the following is a tablet indicated for bowel preparation prior to a colonoscopy?
b. sodium phosphate
which of the following is added to diphenoxylate to discourage abuse?
d. atropine
which of the following is an alkaline fluid produced by the liver that aids in the digestion and absorption of fat and cholesterol from the small intestine?
a. bile
which of the following is an alternative therapy for nausea and vomiting?
b. ginger
A physician may write the words "dispense as written" on a prescription for thyroid hormone medications because
a. the therapeutic window is very narrow with the potential for only slight variances in bioavailability or dosing parameters to have noticeable clinical changes
Addison's disease is an
a. deficiency of glucocorticoids and mineralocorticoids
appropriate uses of thyroid replacement drugs, such as synthroid,
b. treatment of hyperthyroidism
Approximately one-third patients who had gestational diabetes may develop _____ in 5 to 10 years
type 2 diabetes
congenital hypothyroidism may arise in children and is often caused by ____ during pregnancy.
A. deficiency in iodine
corticosteroids are available in all the following dosage dorms except
a transdermal patch
drugs that end with the suffix-glinide are used to treat which of the following conditions?
liothyronine is available in a tablet and which of the following dosage forms?
Medications with the suffix- gliflozin are classified as
a. sodium-glucose linked transporter- 2 inhibitors
Metformin increases ____ sensitivity in muscle and other body tissues.
patients on propylthiouracil therapy must monitor which of the following organ functions, per the boxed warning?
d. liver
patients with untreated diabetes are at risk of all the following except
a. cancer
patients with ____ should not take cinnamon due to the potential of exacerbating their condition
C. liver disease
secondary disease is caused by
steroid production follows which schedule?
a. circadian rhythm
The hypothalamus produces ___ which stimulates the pituitary gland to produce adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH).
thyroid stimulating hormone
The Medrol Dosepak contains twenty-one 4mg tablets. which of the following is true of the drug therapy?
he dose increases each day
the strength of levothyroxine is typically prescribed in
thiazolidinediones are contraindicated for all the following patients, except those
suffering with infertility
trijardy xr includes all the following medications except
a. rosiglitazone
all the following medication are required to bestore in the refrigerator prior to dispensing except
alprostadil is second-line therapy for which condition?
erectile dysfunction
Antiemetic medication can be given prior to an emergency contraceptive drug to reduce which of the following side effects?
caverject is administered as an injection into which of the following locations for erectile dysfunction?
d. corpora cavernosa
combination oral contraceptives do not come in which of the following formulas?
a. quadphasic
conjugated estrogens are sourced from urine of pregnant
d. mares (horses)
Erectile dysfunction drugs are dispensed in all the following dosage forms except
b. inhalation
Estradiol/norethindrone (Activella) is indicated for all the following except
Estrogen is not used for which of the following conditions?
Feminizing hormone therapy places patients at an increased risk of
c. venous thrombeombolism
Hormonal contraceptives products work via the mechanism of
b. preventing ovulation
How often should an etonogestrel implant placed under the skin on the inner, upper arm be replaced?
d. every three years
Medroxyprogesterone is an intramuscular injection given in the deltoid or gluteus maximus, at which of the following intervals
once every 3 months
Patients taking spironolactone have an increased risk of which of the following?
liver disease
PDE -5 inhibitors are contraindicated inpatients who take nitrates or
PDE-5 inhibitors typically end in which suffix?
d afil
Pregnancy tests detect the presence of ____ in
a. Human chorionic gonadotropin
The vaginal ring contraceptives is inserted into the vagina where it is left in place for which of the following periods of time
3 weeks
to verify approved drug products with therapeutic equivalence evaluations, which reference would be the most appropriate
orange book
which classification of drugs are used to slow labor?
tocolytic agent
Which medication is prescribed when sildenafil proves to be ineffective?
D. levitra
which medication may be prescribed for a patient considered to have heavy menstrual cycles and cramping
acute renal failure is not caused by which of the following?
acute renal failure is not caused by which of the following?
Erythropoietin-stimulating agents are used to stimulate red blood cell production by inducing the release of
a. reticulocytes
Hematocrit is a lab test used to determine?
b. the proportion of red blood cells present in a sample
in which part of the urine production process are substances selectively pulled back into the blood?
loop diuretics is used to frequently treat
of those listed below, which iron replacement therapy is the safest option?
d. sodium ferric gluconate
patients taking anticholinergics commonly experience which of the following side effects?
dry mouth
patients taking which of the following classifications of drugs should take special precautions to minimize exposure to infection?
c. immunosuppresants
People who are or may become pregnant should avoid contact with semen from a person who
d. is exposed to 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors
The Bowman's capsule, glomerulus, artery, vein, capillary, loop of henle, and collecting duct make up the anatomy of the
The brand name for ____ was designed to indicated its approximate 6-hour duration of action.
Thiazide diuretics and potassium-sparing diuretics to be used for treating.
b. hypertension
urinary tract infections are mostly commonly caused by
Urine formation is essential for normal body function because it enables the blood to reabsorb which of the following?
what is a common first-dose effect experienced by patients taking alpha- blockers
What is a common suffix for the generic names of alpha-blockers?
what is the appropriate medical term for the process of urination?
When the ___ are not functioning correctly, the proper balance of reabsorption and secretion is not maintained; resulting in toxins build up in the blood and begin to poison the body.
d. kidneys