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Assimilationist n adj
The process of adapting or adjusting to the culture of a group or nation, or the state of being so adapted
Bastion n
A strong, secure stronghold
Beseech v
To beg eagerly for; to implore in a pleading, urgent manner
Evade v
Escaping; eluding; staying away from or avoid doing something
Forlorn adj
Desolate or dreary; looking pitiful or desperate
Haphazard adj
Characterized by lack of order or planning; without care; happened by chance
Heathenism n
People who are uncivilized; barbaric morals or behavior
Indignant adj
Feeling or expressing strong displeasure or anger at something considered unjust, offensive, or insulting
Insinuating adj
Tending to instill doubts, distrust, etc.; suggestive
Raptly adv
In a deeply engaged manner
Recitation n
Reciting (to repeat the words of) a memorized speech
Cliché n
A sentence or phrase (usually expressing a popular idea) that has lost originality, ingenuity, and impact by long overuse
Incredulity n
Inability or unwillingness to believe; doubt
Scrutinize v
To examine detail with careful or critical attention
Deplore v
To despise; to have utter disgust for; to disapprove of
Rebuff n v
A blunt or abrupt rejection; a peremptory refusal, offer, etc.; a snub
Strident adj
Making or having a loud, irritating, high-pitched sound
Precariously adv
Dangerously; uncertain or unstable; insecure
Epitaph n
A sentence, phrase, or poem that summarizes in praise a dead person's life-usually on a tombstone
Facetiousness n
Not meant to be taken seriously or literally; joking in a possibly inappropriate way
Deferred adj
Postponed or delayed