Latin Chapter 26-28 culture questions

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What is the book De Re Coquinaria about? To whom is it attributed?
It’s an ancient Roman cookbook. It’s attributed to Caelius Apicius
What is unusual about the use of verbs in De Re Coquinaria’s directions?
It uses future tense (sometimes present) instead of imperative to give directions
Which modern country contains the area that was the Roman province of Asia?
For which wonder of the ancient world was Ephesus known? In which city can the remains of the altar of the Pergamon Temple of Zeus be seen today?
Temple of Artemis. Berlin, Germany
How did the Romans acquire the province of Asia?
It was bequeathed to Rome by its ally Attalus III of Pergamon and became a Roman province in 133 B.C.
What famous city in Asia did Augustus refound?
In the adapted excerpt from Odes 4.5, what is Horace’s complaint about Augustus? To what does Horace compare Augustus’ face? What does “P.P” on coins mean in English?
That he’ll be gone for too long. Springtime. Father of the country.
What was the significance of the Milliarium Aureum?
All the roads of Rome were said to start here, and the monument recorded the distance in miles to various cities in the empire.
What did the Umbilicus Urbis Romae mark?
It marked the center of the city of the empire.
A famous statue of whom was found at Prima Porta?
Under which volcano was Vulcan’s forge located? Where is this volcano located?
Under Mt. Aetna in Sicily.
What does the book single out as a product Vulcan made for Jupiter?
Where can the giant statue of Vulcan pictured in the book be found?
Birmingham, Alabama
By what name was Minerva known in Greece?
Which city is the “Athens of the South” where the Parthenon has been recreated?
Nashville, Tennessee
To what did Minerva challenge Arachne? Into what did Minerva transform Arachne?
A weaving contest. Turned her into the first spider.
What was Rome’s first province? Which agricultural product is mentioned in relation to this province?
Sicily and grain.
Which mathematician and inventor is mentioned as a casualty of war? What is he famous for shouting?
Archimedes, “Eureka!”
Many cities in this province were originally of what nationality?