Hispanic Heritage Month 2022

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When is Hispanic Heritage Month celebrated?
sep 15- oct 15
where is hispanic heritage month celebrated
United States
what do we recognize about hispanic heritage month in the U.S
we recognize the contributions and impact the Hispanic Americans have on our history and culture here in the United States.
what is hispanic heritage month a celebration of
who were the first people to be on the island and what did they name it
the first people were the Tainos and they named it "Boriquen"
what does Boriquen mean
land of the brave lord
what did christopher columbus name it when he came
Boriquén San Juan de Bautista
who is Boriquén San Juan de Bautista named after
saint john the baptist
what did the island become a center for shortly after Christopher Columbus arrived?
a center for trade and explorers
what is the capital of Puerto Rico
san juan
1.what do the red stripes on the flag stand for 2.what do the white stripes stand for 3.what does the blue triangle stand for 4.what does the white star symbolize
1.blood from the warriors 2.peace and victory from gaining independence and sea 4.the island
what currency is used in puerto rico
US dollar
what is the official language of puerto rico
Spanish and English
what is the main religion in puerto rico
Roman Catholicism
climate of puerto rico
tropical climate (warm all year)
when is hurricane season in puerto rico
June to November
what landform is puerto rico
what is an archipelago
an island with smaller ones around it
what of the tainos is ingraved in puerto ricos history?
their language and culture
where did the tainos most likely come from
south america
when did they arrive to puerto rico
they arrived by boat between 600 AD and 1000 AD
it is derived from the island previous name and can be used for someone from puerto rico or pureto rican descent
what kind of word is jibaro?
what does jibaro translate to
men of the forest
what is it used for
a word used for farmers
what is jibaro sometimes interchangeable with?
what influence did christopher columbus have on puerto rico?
-he changed its name( Boriquen San Juan de Bautista) -he claimed the island and led to its colonization -brought catholicisim
who was Juan Ponce de Leon
1. he led the first group of colonists from Spain to Puerto Rico 2.first Spanish governor of San Juan Bautista
what does La Fortaleza mean?
a fortress
what was it constructed for?
to protect the capital from raids and enemies
what is it used for today?
the governors house
where is Iglesia de San José located?
Old San Juan
what is significant about Iglesia de San José?
it is the first architecture constructed permanently on Puerto Rico
how old is Iglesia de San José?
it is the 2nd oldest church in the Americas
whos crypt is in this church
juan ponce de leon remains were there
what is another word that means old for old san juan
what is the oldest settlement in puerto rico
old san juan
what kind of district is old san juan
a histroical colonial district in the city of san juan
what is san juan a hub for
it is a cultural hub for puerto rico and one of the most commonly visited place in the Caribbean
why is it a historical district?
it is a historic district because it holds the houses that make it historic(la fortaleza is located here)
how long did el morro take to complete?
more than 200 years
what is el morros full name?
Fort San Felipe del Morro(after saint Phillip)
why was ell morro constructed?
to protect San Juan from attackers, especially Spains enemies
el morro is the first land mass with what?
fresh water coming from Europe
when did the construction for el morro begin?
how old is el morro?
over 500 years old
who helped the spainards build it?
african slaves
what did the US use el morro for
a military base in world war 1 and 2
what islands make up the greater Antilles?
Cuba, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Hispaniola, and Cayman islands
what one is the largest?
what is important about Hispaniola?
island made up of 2 countries(Haiti and Dominican Republic)
who took puerto rico from the natives?
Spain took puerto rico from the natives in 1508
why was it useful to them
Spain was a central point for trade
what 3 other reasons was it useful? 2.fertile soil due to tropical climate 3.first port with fresh water was also beneficial
what are 3 things Puerto Rico could grow that Spain could not grow?
tobacco, coffee, and sugar cane
what year was Puerto Rico able to govern themselves?
what year did the U.S invade the land
why were the conditions Puerto Ricans were up against under Spanish rule not ideal?
because of slavery, limited trade, and high taxes on land.
what did Spain permit with other countries and what was lowered?
trade with other countries under the Caribbean and lower taxes
what was NOT given up
when was slavery abolished in PR?
in 1873
who was the Spanish-American war fought between?
Spain and the United States
what year did it start
how long did it last?
april to august
why did the U.S start this war?(2 reasons)
1.there was a US ship(USS Maine)in Havana harbor that was mysteriously bombed 2.America supported Cuba and Philippines fight for independence from Spain
what 3 things did the U.S get from their victory?
1.gave sovereignty over Guam, PR, and Philippines to the US 2. a peace treaty was formed to get Cuba to gain independence 3.the US annexed the independent state of hawaii
what was the name of the person who headed the government and took power in July 1898
Luis Munoz Rivera
how long after that did the US invade PR
just several days later
until what year did military rule last in PR?
when did the U.S Congress approve the Treaty of Paris
on February 6, 1899, by a two-thirds margin
what happened the following day?
President McKinley signed the treaty, and the United States officially controlled Spain’s former colonies
what were Spain's former colonies
Cuba, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines
what did the Jones-Sharoth Act give puerto ricans?
citizenship to the US
how was government set up with the Jones-Sharoth Act?
similar to ours(3 branches)
what did the Jones-Sharoth Act give everyone?
civil rights
when was the Jones-Sharoth Act signed?
it created local legislature between what 2 things?
their house of representatives and senate
are Puerto Ricans american citizens?
why are they american citizens?
because of the Jones-Sharoth Act
why do people think it was done at that time?
because of World War I and if we had more citizens we had more people fighting
What are two things that they do not do that other citizens do?
they do not vote for the president they do not pay federal taxes
Is Puerto Rico a State in the USA?
No it is not a U.S state. It has been a commonwealth since 1952.
How do many Puerto Ricans feel about PR’s connection to the US?
They have mixed feelings
what are their mixed feelings?
-some think the connection to the US improves their country’s economy -others feel Puerto Rico should be independent because they worry their Spanish culture will be lost and they want to have more control over what happens in their land
Do Puerto Ricans need a passport to come to the USA?
No they do not need a passport to come to the U.S
why don't Puerto Ricans need a passport to come to the USA ?
because it is a free commonwealth, they have citizenship, and they have United States passports
Do people from the US need a passport to go to PR?
No U.S people do not need a passport to go to Puerto Rico
why don't people from the US need a passport to go to PR?
because its a United States territory
what is El Yunque home to?
the home of a diverse ecosystem of plants and animals
what kind of word is Yunque
Taino word
what does yunque mean
white earth because the clouds cover the top of the mountains
it is the only what kind of rain forest in the US
only tropical rain forest in the US forest system
what is El coquí
it is a brown tree frog that is best known for the sound it makes
what kind of call do they make
a maiden call. it attracts a mate or keeps other males away. the boy ones make the sound
what did it unofficially become for Puerto Rico?
the unofficial mascot of Puerto Rico
what is Flamenco Beach ranked as?
ranked as one of the top beaches in the world
what island is it located on
it is on Culebra, not the "main island"
what color sand and water does it have
white sand and blue water
what is something about the waves?
it is practically waveless
what kind of banana is a plantain?
a green starchy banana
what is one way to prepare plantains?
how do you make tostoones?
cut in chunks, fried, smashed, and fried again
what is a style of cooking?
comida criolla
sofrito is a type of ________
what kind of ingredients does sofrito have for its flavor
fresh ingredients
adobo is a type of what?
seasonings or like a powder
what is a Caldero
a big steel metal pot with lid
what is a caldero most likely used to cook
mostly used to cook ric
what is Lechón asado considered?
this is considered one of the most popular puerto rican holiday foods
how long does it take to cook
a really long time
what does asado mean
what whole animal is Lechón asado
a whole pig
what is it roasted over
its roasted over charcoal
a Pastelillos is shaped from what
shaped from a thin crust with crimped edges
how is it cooked
it is also fried
what is another way to prepare plantains
how are they cooked
fry or boiled
what is La llorona
a Hispanic-American mythical ghost who was banishes at the gates of heaven since she drowned them in the river
where is she said to roam
waterfront areas
what does La llorona translate to
weeping woman
what is a traditional dance and music style of Puerto Rico
what is a bomba
a traditional type of drum made out of a barrel
what is it a genre of
puerto rican dance
what is it accompanied by
what is bomba the first of
the first native music in puerto rico
what does bomba represent
the cultural mix of puerto rico
what is a style of Latin American music
what does salsa mean
what is salsa?(what country)
where did salsa originate
but where did its worldwide popularity come form
new york
what does salsa have a lot of