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“I began to worry that
they’d go mad with fear, crazy with isolation.” - Captain Walton, prologue
“I keep it cold on purpose -
it’s the only way to preserve my specimens… I don’t notice it anymore.” - Frankenstein, Act 1
“Well, my dear fellow,
we’re on the threshold of a new age.” - Frankenstein, Act 1
“the power that can do that is the power of
life and death. I’ll harness it. I’ll study it and master it and make it work for mankind.” - Frankenstein, Act 1
“The chap it was attached to was hanged,
he had no further use for it.” - Frankenstein, Act 1
“This is the greatest
discovery of the age! A wonderful piece of work!” - Clerval, Act 1
“You’ve no idea how lonely it’s been…
I’ve been working at this for six years now. Six years!” - Frankenstein, Act 1
“Frankenstein, are you
mad or am I?” - Clerval, Act 1
“To him, I mean. I can see
there’s plenty more important to you.” - Elizabeth, Act 1
“How can I understand
a son who cares nothing for his father?” - Elizabeth, Act 1
“Oh, my friend -
you don’t know how important it is…” - Frankenstein, Act 1
“I thought I was making something better than human! Something so precious and
beautiful that everyone would love it - and now look at you. Look at what I’ve done.” - Frankenstein, Act 1
“No! This isn’t what I wanted.
Oh, dear God, what have I done?” - Frankenstein, Act 1
“in God’s name,
what have you done?” - Clerval, Act 1
“I can judge a real face with my hands now,
but I can’t judge the expression of a picture.” - Agathe, Act 2
“I will not
hurt anyone. I am their friend. Friend of everyone.” - Monster, Act 2
“Men see me, they hurt me -
dogs - they shout, they throw stones. But I am good. I want to love them, not hurt, not kill.” - Monster, Act 2
“Everywhere I go, they hate me.
Am I not good? I look bad.” - Monster, Act 2
“You want me bad! All of you -
everyone - you all want me bad!” - Monster, Act 2
“I shall be terror
and hatred and revenge - revenge!” - Monster, Act 2
“You didn’t see him, Agathe -
you don’t know what he’s done already.” - Felix, Act 2
“We should have understood him, Felix.
He was an outcast just like us.” - Agathe, Act 2
“I am exactly what
you made me, Frankenstein.” - Monster, Act 3
“You are the betrayer - you
created me, and you made sure I could never be happy.” - Monster, Act 3
“I shall tell my brother,
Herr Frankenstein! He shall punish you, ugly monster!” - William, Act 3
“How can I love, when
I am met with nothing but hatred and disgust?” - Monster, Act 3
“am I to be the only
creature in the universe doomed to live alone?” - Monster, Act 3
“And that’s humanity
for you, in a nutshell.” - Monster, Act 4
“When a human sees a living thing,
his first impulse is to destroy it.” - Monster, Act 4
“That’s the one occasion when I behaved like a human being.
As a result, it is the one thing I’m ashamed of.” - Monster, Act 4
“All killers -
all destroyers - every one of you-“ - Monster, Act 4
“I hope I have no soul.
All I want now is oblivion.” - Monster, epilogue