CHEMISTRY: Chapter 3 FRQ Questions

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Which Element Type(s) and What Happens With Valence Electrons…in Covalent Bonds? In Ionic Bonds?
- Two non-metals make a covalent bond - A non-metal & a metal makes an ionic bond. - Covalent Bonds share electrons - In Ionic Bonds, electrons transfer from a metal to a non-metal
Empirical Formula
Simplest whole number of mole ratio of elements in a compound
Molecular Formula
Mole ratio of element found in nature of a Compound
Mathematical Relationship Between a Molecular and Empirical Formula
The Molecular Formula is a whole number multiple of the Empirical Formula
Two Things does a Structural Formula Show, that Molecular and Empirical Formulas don’t?
- Bonds - Atom Orders
Given Moles of Each Of the Elements in a Compound Sample, What Two Steps Will Determine Its Formula?
Divide by smallest # of moles, then multiply by the lowest common multiple of each atom.
Assume What If Given % Composition Of a Compound?
100 gram sample!!!!@!!!!A!
Combustion of Hydrocarbons Has What Two Products?
CO₂ & H₂O.