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Black Feminism - alice walker - lived experiences of black women - restoring black women in academia/theology - deconstructing colonial mindsets - unifying ppl into a common struggle
New Religious Movements
- religious groups that emerged in the last 50yrs - charismatic leader - insider/outsider perspective - countercultural
Lourdes, France
major catholic pilgrimage site for the sickly to be healed
Alice Walker
coined the term womanism
New Age
a broad movement characterized by alternative approaches to traditional Western culture, with an interest in spirituality, mysticism, holism, and environmentalism. - forward looking spiritualism
western forms of medical knowledge and practice based on biological science
African Womanism
- chikwenye ogunyemi - mostly for blk woman on the african continent - ifa influence - conservative - more than sex/gender issues like poverty and interethnic wars
- backward looking spiritualism - fluid and flexable communal organizations - praxis practices through dance and ritual
Complementary Healing
combines biomedicine and traditional healing
Chikwenye Ogunyemi
creator of african womanism
The Nation of Islam
NRM advocates for blk ppl as the original ppl of the earth yt ppl r evil
mexican traditional medicine
Africana Womanism
- Clenora Hudson-Weems limited to blk women - prioritizes racism elimination - mothering and family emphasis - in line w blk nationalistic discourse
W D Fard Muhammad
Founder of the Nation of Islam / god come to earth
no biological meaning
Clenora Hudson-Weems
creator of Africana Womanism
Elijah Muhammad
new messenger of god nation of islam
Dobbs v. Jackson (2022)
jackson women's health organization only licensced abortion facility in mississipi SCOTUS overturned roe v wade and planned parenthood vs casey
Black Lives Matter
response to police brutality began by alicia garza, patrisse cullors and opel tometi 2013
Tribe of Shabazz
blk ppl were the original ppl of earth
Establishment Clause
no law respecting an establishment of religion
Dignity and Power Now
patrisse cullors - use ifa elements - blm activists adopting african indigenous religions - healing, wellness, and resilience
yt ppl were created by an evil scientist
Free Exercise Clause
prohibits government from interfering with the practice of religion.
Patrisse Cullors
cofounded BLM movement and Dignity and Power Now
Minister Louis Farrakhan
current leader of the NOI
Islamic views on ensoulment
happens after 120 days
african indigenous spirituality included in BLM and Dignity and Power Now
Two Buddhisms
buddhism practiced by ethnic asians; communal ethno-religious identity, extensive folk healing practices, non-ethnic asians practicing western buddhism; personal identity, heavy meditation, individual use of folk healing practices
the moment a human gains a soul
Liberation Theology
catholic movement emphasizing liberation from social, political, and economic oppression compassion and solidarity god vibes w the marginalized more!
10 days of silent contemplation, veg meals, same sex environment also known as insight meditation; focus on inner self
soul pre-exists the body mormonism
Gustavo Gutierrez
founder of liberation theology
focus attention and energy on a singular goal
soul present in sperm and and egg and then come together to make a new soul catholic
Ezra's Dilemma
uses ezras exile in babylon and dilemma whether to use military force to defend slavery 'riles against mixed marriages between Jews under Greek rule, annuls the marriages to rebuild Israel
also known as metta; mentally send goodwill, kindness and warm to others,
soul created by god whenever he feels like judaism, islam, some protestants
Christianity of Christ
Frederick Douglass wanted this, it is good and pure Christianity.
being accurately and precisely conscious, or aware of the present moment
Christianity of America
This is the Christianity despised by Douglass as it is not good and pure. Because slavery exists, how can you claim to be Christian if you support slavery? Douglass welcomed any religion and even atheism as better than this form of Christianity.
Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
john kabat zinn; intentionally secular to not scare western world, buddhist meditation minus the buddhism, treats physical and mental illness
Curse of Ham
Because Ham was the father of black people, and because he and his descendants were cursed to be slaves
Transcendental Meditation
transcending surface level awareness through inner silenece; also organization/movement, requires one-on-one w trained teacher
Ronald Pulsor
mindful efforts that combine science and meditative discipline are coping strategies; it does not address systemic injustices
Wakoh Shannon Hickey
meditation is cultural appropriation from buddhism and american meditation sucksss believes in the benefits of meditation but has concerns w the commodification
Badawy Khitamy
gives western and islamic perspective pro choice - mothers autonomy, fatal kidney experiment, utilarianism, pro life - fetus is innocent, human dignity, utilitarianism. islamic - autonomy as long is it doesnt breach autonomy of others, fetus fundamental rights start at conception, 120 days ensoulment
Lindsey Disney & Larry Poston
gives multiple religious views, high infant death - inevitability of death, low infant death - cruelty of death
Linda Barnes & Susan Sered
spiritual healing more popular in the US, the US focuses more on biomedicine
Delores Williams
womanist, uses alice walkers definiton, emphasizes spirit, womanist theology in christianity
Hebah Farrag
talks about DPN and its connection to ifa and how they use spirituality to support and heal the movement
Martin Luther King, Jr.
U.S. Baptist minister and civil rights leader, has connections to the black church, advocates trust in god and avoiding violence
James Cone
talks about the black church, blackness in christian theology, black liberation
Stephen Elliot
uses christianity and ezra's dilemma to side w the confederacy
Hugh Urban
talks about new age and neopaganism and their popularity, nothing is a cult
Frederick Douglas
distinguishes Christianity of christ and Christianity of america
Sojourner Truth
born christian and then to NRMs aren't i a woman?