Indentured Servitude

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why indentured servants moved to America
needed money and land, trying to escape poverty in England, support family
living conditions of indentured servants
ate gruel, unsanitary, horrible health, disease, no payment
indentured servants could not by good land in the central area
moved west into Shenandoah valley
plantations bought indentured servants land in Shenandoah Valley
moved west into blue ridge mountains
what indentured servants did for land in Blue Ridge mountains
cleared land and fought natives
indentured servants fought and protected their land without help from colony
indentured servants see no reason to pay taxes
what indentured servants expected to see when they paid taxes
protection from colonies
Lord Berkeley does not see indentured servants in Blue Ridge mountains economically worth it to protect
indentured servants are not voters because they do not own the land, they are to far away to worry about
Bacon and indentured servants complain about taxes with no protection (no taxation without representation)
Bacon rallies people and leads a revolution on Jamestown and burned the city
message Bacon's rebellion sent
wanted to show colonists they are still there and that they wanted representation
Bacon dies
rebellion fails and rich realize that if they get rid of indentured servitude and give them representation, they can replace them with slave labor
rich farmers replace indentured servants with slaves
do not have to pay slaves and can control them (not protected by law)
indentured servants have no jobs
will never be hired by plantation owners
plantation owners by land from bankrupt farmers but does not hire them
plantation owners have no need for indentured servants