Midterm for BHLP Tier 3 (LEAD340) (Original creator rmoorthy27)

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a relational process of people working together, guided by values, to accomplish positive change to benefit the common good
Model the way Inspire a shared vision Challenge the process Enable others to act Encourage the heart
what you do to achieve a vision
picture of success (BIG PICTURE)
Social Change Model
Highly effective groups and teams to discover what they did (Self, Group, Community)
Self (SCM)
tier 1 liberation, storytelling, consciousness of self, congruency, commitment
Group (SCM)
tier 2 system challenging, power and oppression acknowledgement, support networks, collaboration, common purpose, controversy with courage
Community (SCM)
Tier 3 fellowship and citizenship
5 Dysfunctions of a team
Absence of trust, fear of conflict, lack of commitment, avoidance of accountability, inattention to results
Aristotle Project
psychological safety is important to success (google study)
Psychological Safety
you can express ideas and feel safe
talents, skills, and natural abilities
puts us at risk for success and are the more hidden parts of our personality
-focused on social action which brings change for individuals and society -americas largest employer
converting donors, creating a community, common purpose, functionality during COVID
Unique elements of a non-profit
role of board, need to attract. volunteers
Role of executive director
turns mission statement into specifics, focus on changing for the better, keep organization afloat
Role of board
fiduciary responsibility, guide vision, monitor organization, chair committees, provide financial support
role of development manager
corporate fundraising, grants, coordinate large events, develop relationships with donors
role of volunteer
whatever is needed
unique value proposition
special promise of value, relevance, quatified value, unique differentiation
root causes
basic reasons behind the problem or issue you are seeing in the community
mission statement element
purpose, business, values
the 14 attributes of a health non-profit
people, money, programs, narrative, strategy
echoing green
book author (work on purpose) discover emerging social entrepreneurs and invest deeply in the growth of their ideas
intention to accomplish something both meaningful to self and consequential to the world beyond self
intersection of how you self-identity and how you want to spend your time. (volunteering, hobbies, how you spend tiem)
what you love + what your'e good at = the best work output for you
Know what you got--know what you need
analyze your situation to find what you have and use that to find what you need
Mine your past
find your purpose by looking into your past and seeing what you enjoyed and what you were good at
Be bold
develop a spirit of risk taking
Right for you.
personal purpose = happiness
good for the world
public purpose = impact
difference between mediocrity and greatness
inherently dynamic process not an endpoint -the moment you think you are great slide to mediocrity
5 steps of good to great
1. defining great 2. level 5 leadership 3. first who 4. the hedgehog. concept 5. turning the flywheel
defining great
calibrate success without business metrics
level 5 leadership
getting things done. Make sure the right decisions happen even if difficult or painful
first who
get the right people on the bus and the wrong people off the bus. this is hard due to constraints on nonprofit
the hedgehog concept
based on the proverb "the fox has many tricks.the hedgehog has one" means you should focus on mission.
turning the flywheel
build momentum by building the brand. success builds support and commitment which turns into a cycle of greatness
in business money is both input AND an output
social sector
Non profit and money is ONLY an input
executive leadership
individual has enough concentrated power to simply make the right decision. just as important as legislative
legislative leadership
relied on persuasion, political, currency and shared interest to create the right conditions to happen. just as important as executive
SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis
an environmental scan of the climate and operation of the organization in order to get SMART goals and to make decisions about what activity to continue to do more
Strengths (SWOT)
things your nonprofit does well, and internal factor
Weaknesses (SWOT)
things nonprofit does not do well, an internal factor
Opportunities (SWOT)
exploring innovation, an external or internal factor
Threats (SWOT)
things you have little control over, an external factor
Strengths mindset
started when gallup did research in high achievers and they found successful people build on what they are good at
a naturally recurring pattern of though, feeling, or behavior that can be applied
Talent x Investment = competence
what you are predisposed to being good at and what you invest time in is what you are good at
implementing ideas into practice and turning ideas into reality
relationship building
help hold a team together. make a team greater than the sum of their parts
strategic thinking
help you make better decisions and create better outcomes. great at helping teams become what they can be
take charge, make sure your voice is heard and help others be heard, great at selling ideas inside and outside organization
paying to use the service provided by nonprofit (museum)
special events
large events that have sponsorships
corporate grants
grants directly given by business, typically through their corporate social responsibility (CSR)
foundation grants
money given by an organization specifically established to grant funds to qualified groups
agreed-upon benefits for agreed-upon price (naming highway)
individual donors
people giving directly to the organization
restricted spending
money given for one specific program/cost
unrestricted spending
money given which you can spend however you want
profit and loss statement
chart outlining the profits and losses of an organization throughout an entire year. can be made month by month
990 form
tax form about nonprofit expenditures
payments made to people working the business, tools, and rented space. small as possible
website which will help you find, read, and understand nonprofit publicly available
someone with special responsibility in connection with the administration, investment, monitoring, and distribution of property
duty of care
what an ordinarily prudent person in a like position would do
duty of loyalty
in the best interest of the corporation
duty of obedience
sticking with the mission
boards 2 primary roles
resource provider and monitor
high functioning boards
Focus on meetings, recruitment and board leadership, Set annual performance goals for the board, CEO and nonprofits, and Evaluate for purpose of improvement
succession plan
every board should have a plan on how it will be succeed in each cycle