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16 years old, Jewish boy
Mr. Frank
The leader in the annex, very wise; Anne's father; First name Otto
Mr. Van Daan
Constantly worries about food; Father of Peter, Worked with Otto Frank before the Holocaust; Speaks his mind and argues with wife
Mr. Dussel
Dentist, the last man to join the annex, isn't very familiar with Jewish traditions; Shares a room with Anne; Difficult to deal with
Mr. Kraler
Helps the Franks and Van Daans while they are in hiding; Mr. Frank's business associate
Energetic, 13 years old, writes a diary
Mrs. Van Daan
Flirts with Mr. Frank, materialistic; Nickname Petronella; frequently complains; loves her fur coat
Anne's sister. Very good-mannered, patient; first to be called up to a work camp
Mrs. Frank
Really tries to do her best raising her children, very proper and controlled; First name Edith; Anne and her mother don't get along well
Secretary, helps the Franks and Van Daans while in hiding, has a boyfriend named Dirk
Why the families have to go into hiding
They are Jewish and Margot was called up to a work camp
Miep and Mr. Kraler
Mr. Frank's co-workers who help the families while they are in hiding
World War II
1939-1945; Began when Germany invaded Poland; Allies vs Axis Powers; Allies win
Where the secret annex was located
the back of Mr. Frank's warehouse
The person who invited the Van Daan's into the Annex
Mr. Frank
Mrs. Van Daan's prized possession from her father that she carries into hiding
Fur Coat
What Mr. Van Daan does in secret at night
Steals food
One way the families get food in the annex
Ration books
Mrs. Quack-Quack
What Peter calls Anne to tease her. She was given this nickname in school for talking too much.
Mrs. Van Daan is very proud of these, she shows them off to Mr. Frank
The Jewish holiday celebrated in Act 1
Anne has a nightmare because of...
the news she receives about Jopie de Waal. She dreams they have been taken by the green police
The Hannukkah celebration is interrupted when...
A thief breaks into the factory below
Anne's family is originally from this place...
The story begins in the year...
One of the largest problems for the families in hiding being really quiet so...
the workers below do not hear them
The play takes place in
The person who Anne asks for after her nightmare
Mr. Frank
What does Anne do to celebrate Hanukkah?
Makes gifts and sings.
In Act II, Mrs. Van Daan is very proud of these, and she shows them off to Mr. Frank
Her legs
Anne has a nightmare in Act II because of....
The news she receives about Jopie de Waal. She dreams they have been taken by the green police.
The Hannukkah celebration is interrupted when....
A thief breaks into the factory below
Anne's family is originally from
The family in hiding must remain quiet so....
the workers below do not hear them
The play takes place in this location (place).
Who steals food from the annexe?
Mr. Van Daan
What does Miep bring them on New Year's Day?
A cake that says Peace 1944
Why does Mr. Frank feel Anne is better than he is?
She was optimistic when he was not.
Peter's Cat
Adolf Hitler
Leader of the Nazis and Germany
Winston Churchill
British Prime Minister
Italian Leader
Green Police
Nazi soldiers/police
Jewish Restrictions in Amsterdam

-Had to wear the yellow star

-Could not own bicycles

-Banned from trams and were forbidden to drive

-Only allowed to do their shopping between 3 and 5 in shops they were allowed in

-Must be indoors by 8 PM.

-Forbidden from theaters, cinemas, and other places of entertainment

-Could not take part in public sports. Must go to their own schools.

Concentration camp where Anne and Margot died
were parts of a number of cities in Europe in which Jews were permitted to live
Ration Books
Contain coupons that people use to buy a limited amount of food and supplies
A Nazi concentration camp for Jewish people in southwestern Poland during World War II. Said to be one of the worst concentration camps.
Special police force in Nazi Germany founded as a personal bodyguard for Adolf Hitler 1925
Star of David
A Yellow six pointed star the Nazis forced Jews to wear on their clothing
Concentration Camps
where the Jewish people were sent as prisoners. Relatively small areas with inadequate facilities. Many were forced to work or to await execution.
Anneke/ Annele
Anne's nicknames
Anne's nickname for her father
German Police
Mr. Kraler
A man who helps hide the Franks in the annex. He was Mr. Frank's business associate.
How does Mrs. Frank react when she finds out Mr. Van Daan was stealing food?
Mrs. Frank demands Mr and Mrs. Van Daan leave the annexe
When the play begins in 1945 and then goes back in time to 1942. What literary device is this an example of?
Why does the play flashback to 1942 in Act I scene i?
To show Anne created the diary in an earlier time.
What important event happened that allowed Mr. Frank to return back to the annexe?
The end of WWII
Why is the thief a threat to the people in the annexe?
If the thief is caught, he could tell the police about the people hiding to avoid jail.
This character received ear plugs for Hanukkah
Mr. Dussel
This character received a crossword puzzle book for Hanukkah
This person received a safety razor as a gift for Hanukkah
This person received an IOU for Anne to do anything asked
Mrs. Frank
This person received shampoo for Hanukkah
Mrs. Van Daan
This person received cigarettes for Hanukkah
Mr. Van Daan
This person received a scarf for Hanukkah
Mr. Frank