BJU World Studies 7 Chapter 6

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The terms and definitions for the BJU 7th Grade World History Chapter 6 on the Renaissance

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means "rebirth" /revival of learning
Johannes Gutenberg
German printer who was the first in Europe to print using movable type and the first to use a press (1400-1468)
structures of humans, animals, and plants. Used for realistic art.
used darker parts to show dimension
ability to give depth to painting/ involved some math
Leonardo da Vinci
Italian painter, engineer, musician, and scientist. The most versatile genius of the Renaissance
Mona Lisa
title of one of da Vinci's paintings, a painting of a woman
painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome
Sistine Chapel
located in Rome, has a famous ceiling painted by Michelangelo
made beautiful bronze doors on the baptistery of Florence
Renaissance architect that designed the dome for the Cathedral of Florence; rejected Gothic style
renaissance subjects including human interests and experiences, literature, philosophy, art, history, grammar, and speech.
Father of Humanism
Petrarch's nickname
Father of Humanism
Italian author, wrote The Courtier, wrote about good manners
Italian, author of The Prince, wrote about politics
published the first Greek N.T. on a moveable type press
Sir Thomas More
wrote "Utopia" (means nowhere) moral man devoted to God suported by the Pope
says wine and bread become flesh and blood of Christ
papers that grant pardon from the punishment of sin this "sparked" the Reformation movement
John Wycliffe
produced the first Bible in English, believed that salvation was through Christ, not the Pope
Martin Luther
Author of the 95 Theses, leader of the Reformation; led to salvation by Romans 1:17, "The just shall live by faith"; translated the Bible into German
Ulrich Zwingli
a Reformer from the German-speaking part of Switzerland
John Calvin
wrote "Institutes of the Christian Religion" associated with the idea of Predestination (God decided your destiny before birth)
the idea that God decides a person's destiny before birth
Catholic monastic order (group) founded to stop the spread of the Reformation
Index of Prohibited Books
a group of books the Catholic church banned as heretical
Council of Trent
a meeting of Catholic church officials in reaction to the Reformation
French Protestants influenced by John Calvin
Thirty-Year's War
War between Catholic and Protestant Religions
reformers who protested some practices of the Catholic Church; the term came from Germany
rejected infant baptism & the state church/ "re-baptizes"
Leo X
Pope who authorized the sale of indulgences
John Huss
from Bohemia/ burned at stake by Roman Church for his teachings against that church
means to "take back" what one has written
anatomy, shading, perspective
Realism art had what 3 things in it?
gothic, roman
During the renaissance, Europe rejected ______________ style and went back to _______________ style.
renaissance man
What "type" of man knew a lot about many different subjects?
Leondardo Da Vinci
Example of a "renaissance man"
1. men sought truth for THEMSELVES 2.Renewed interest in Greek & Hebrew manuscripts 3. Focus on developing the individual 4. literature and Bible became WIDESPREAD
list 4 positives of the renaissance
1. Emphasis was more heavily on man than GOD 2. Roman Catholic Church was full of HYPOCRISY
List 2 negatives of the Renaissance
1. Scripture alone 2. Faith alone 3. Priesthood of the believer
What are the 3 central doctrines from the reformation?
priesthood of the believer means once saved, each has DIRECT ACCESS to GOD and is a what?
1. freedom 2. citizenship 3. stronger families (God's truth taught AT HOME) 4. education
what are 4 results of the REFORMATION?
What group of people was a part of the "society of Jesus?"
Council of Trent
Catholic leaders met several times over 10 years - what is this called?
What are French protestants called?
Thirty Years War
What was the last religious major religious war in Europe?
good works
In Catholicism, what is required for salvation?
in Catholicism, writings of men are _____________ with Scripture
in Catholicism, sins are confessed to who?
Wrote "In Praise of Folly"
Catholic belief that the bread and wine actually become the body and blood of Christ.
Boniface VIII
pope that decreed that submission to the pope was necessary for salvation
Martin Luther
translated the Bible into German
Pope Leo X
St. Peter's Basilica
Ulrich Zwingli
Swiss reformer
Henry of Navarre
Edict of Nantes promised religious toleration in France. Who issued this decree?
John Calvin's homeland?
Martin Luther
"the just shall live by faith" led to whose salvation?
dismissal of an individual from the Roman Church