AP Lang - Vocabulary (Group 5)

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bliss (n.)
perfect happiness
blissful (adj.)
very happy
blithe (adj.)
1. merry; joyous 2. heedless
buoy (v.)
keep afloat; raise the spirits of; encourage
buoyant (adj.)
1. cheerful 2. able to float
complacency (n.)
self-satisfaction; smugness
complacent (adj.)
too pleased with oneself--often without awareness of possible dangers or defects; self-satisfied; smug
convivial (adj.)
fond of eating and drinking with friends; sociable
conviviality (n.)
delectable (adj.)
very pleasing; delightful
ascetic (adj.)
shunning pleasures; self-denying; austere
ascetic (n.)
person who shuns pleasures and lives simply
chagrin (n.)
embarrassment; mortification; disappointment
chagrined (adj.)
ashamed; mortified
compunction (adj.)
regret; remorse; misgiving; qualm; scruple
contrite (adj.)
showing deep regret and sorrow for wrongdoing; deeply penitent; repentant; remorseful
contrition (n.)
repentance; remorse; penitence
dejected (adj.)
sad; in low spirits; depressed; downcast
dejection (n.)
lowness of spirits; sadness; depression
disconsolate (adj.)
cheerless; inconsolable
disgruntled (adj.)
in bad humor; displeased; discontented
doleful (adj.)
causing grief or sadness; mournful; dolorous; lugubrious
glum (adj.)
moody; gloomy; dour
burly (adj.)
strongly and heavily built; husky
buxom (adj.)
plump and attractive
cherubic (adj.)
chubby and innocent-looking; like a cherub (angel in the form of a child)
obese (adj.)
extremely overweight; corpulent; portly
obesity (n.)
excessive body weight; corpulence
pudgy (adj.)
short and plump; chubby
attenuate (v.)
make thin; weaken
emaciated (adj.)
made unnaturally thin; abnormally lean because of starvation or illness
haggard (adj.)
careworn; gaunt
lank (adj.)
lean; ungracefully tall; lanky
svelte (adj.)
slender; lithe