WWs: WWII European Battles

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Operation Husky
Allied invasion of Sicily. Montgomery and Patton. Paratroopers.
Operation Barbarossa
Codename for Nazi Germany's invasion of the Soviet Union during World War II. Very successful until harsh Russian winters prevented Nazi troops from receiving supplies. Big "mistake" by Hitler.
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Operation Avalanche
The main invasion force landed around Salerno on 9 September on the western Coast
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Ruhr Pocket
Allied encirclement of remaining Wehrmacht. 317,000 Germans surrendered at once.
Battle of Leningrad
In the Soviet Union, was a three year siege. 660,000 Soviets died of starvation and disease before Germans retreated. The battle was significant for the bravery of the Soviets against the Germans.
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Battle of Stalingrad
(1942) World War II battle between invading German forces and Soviet defenders for control of Stalingrad; each side sustained hundreds of thousands of casualties; Germany's defeat marked turning point in the war
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Plan Yellow
Code name for the German invasion of France and the Lowlands in 1940; used new, modern, rapid warfare; the plan was to march the Allied army back against the sea
Operation Bagration
Operational name given to the huge Soviet push against German lines in Eastern shortly after D-Day
Battle of the Atlantic
Germany's naval attempt to cut off British supply ships by using u-boats. Caused Britain and the US to officially join the war after their ships were sunk. After this battle, the Allies won control of the seas, allowing them to control supply transfer, which ultimately determined the war. 1939-1945
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Battle of Kursk
German forces are soundly defeated by the Soviets, greatest tank battle of WWII
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Battle of Berlin
final major offensive of the European Theatre of World War II; before the battle was over, Hitler and many of his followers committed suicide
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Operation Market Garden
Allies paratroopers attempt a daring plan from september 17-25 1944 to size strategic bridges and then rush grounds forces up and across them. In the end the paratroopers only ended up capturing 1 out of 5 bridges and were forced to retreat
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Operation Overlord
Code name for the Allied invasion of Europe at Normandy on June 6, 1944; also known as D-Day. Iconic moment where the New World came to rescue the Old.
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Allied amphibious landing against Axis forces in the area of Anzio and Nettuno, Italy... Means that Rome will fall next
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Operation Cobra
American offensive aiming to punch through German lines from Normandy using massive bombing raids
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Battle of Britain
A series of battles between German and British air forces, fought over Britain in 1940-1941. The RAF defended against continual bombing raids.
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Operation Torch
Codename for allied invasion of North Africa from November 1942 to September 1943
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Invasion of Poland
September 1, 1939 Germany invaded, breaking the Munich Pact, so Britain and France declared war, starting World War II
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Battle of the Bulge
A 1944-1945 battle in which Allied forces turned back the last major German offensive of World War II. America's largest battle in Europe, fought during the bitter cold with heavy snow.
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Kasserine Pass (Battle)
first encounter of North Africa; inexperienced US troops suffer humiliating defeat against Rommel
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