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oxygen and glucose

Name two reactants of cellular respiration.


True or False: The Krebs Cycle is anaerobic

the cytoplasm

Where in the cell does glycolysis occur?

it is the site for ATP formation
Why is the mitochondria called the "powerhouse of the cell"?
What is the chemical formula for glucose?
H2O & CO2
What is the chemical formula for water & carbon dioxide?
matrix/internal fluid of the mitochondria
Where in the cell does the Krebs cycle occur?
True or False: Fermentation is anaerobic
alcohol & carbon dioxide
Yeast cells produce what products during fermentation?
True or False: All organisms conduct photosynthesis & cellular respiration.
Where does cellular respiration occur?
carbon dioxide, water, and ATP
Name three products of respiration.


True or False: Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration occur in the same organelle.
True or False: Plants conduct cellular respiration.
carbon dioxide
What gas is produced by cellular respiration?
lactic acid fermentation
What type of anaerobic respiration occurs in muscles cells?
In which structures are the proteins found that pass electrons in the chloroplast & mitochondria?
carbon dioxide
How does weight/fat leave the body?
bond between phosphates
Where is energy located in an ATP molecule?
ATP synthase places a phosphate and ADP close together to form a bond
How is ATP formed?
ATP-has three phosphate bonds... ADP only has two bonds
What contains more energy, ADP or ATP?
True or False. During fermentation, the electron transport chain does not occur.
What produces more ATP...aerobic or anaerobic respiration?
whenever glucose is available, with or without oxygen
When can Glycolysis occur?
adenosine triphosphate
What does ATP stand for?
energy is released
What happens when a chemical bond is broken (like ATP to ADP)
lactic acid
If your muscles are sore, what compound do you know has built up in your muscles during fermentation?
lactic acid and alcoholic
Name two types of fermentation.
What type of respiration would occur during your sleep?
cellular respiration/aerobic respiration
The process that involves oxygen and breaks down glucose to release energy is?
both take place in the mitochondria
Where in the cell does the Krebs cycle and electron transport chain occur?
ATP, CO2, and H2O
Name the three products of cellular respiration.
ATP synthase rotates and places phosphate and ADP close enough to bond together) (phosphorylation)
How does ATP synthase "build" ATP?
NADH - it has taken on electrons
Which of the following molecules is the low energy NADH or NAD+?
takes place in the cytoplasm
Where in the cell does glycolysis occur?
energy is released... example ATP to ADP
What occurs when a high-energy chemical bond is broken?
a build-up of a certain substance on one side of a membrane
What is a concentration gradient?
H+ ions
What forms the concentration gradient during the electron transport chain in cellular respiration?
ATP synthase
What is the name of the enzyme that joins ADP and a free phosphate (Pi) during the light reaction?
Krebs Cycle
During which process of cellular respiration is carbon dioxide released from sugar?
Fermentation of yeast cells produces what product?
inner membrane of mitochondria
Name where ATP Synthase in located cellular respiration.
It is the final electron acceptor in the electron transport chain
Why is oxygen needed for aerobic respiration?
Which process in eukaryotic cells will proceed normally whether oxygen (O2) is present or absent?
glycolysis, krebs cycle, electron transport chain
Name the three stages of cellular respiration?
To free up or recycle NAD+ so that glycolysis can continue to function
What is the overall purpose of anaerobic respiration (fermentation)?
Electron transport chain
What stage of cell respiration creates the most ATP?
Is glycolysis aerobic or anaerobic?
Is the Krebs cycle amd ETC aerobic or anaerobic?