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in the thylakoid membrane

Where are pigments located in a chloroplast?


True or False. Both plant and animal cells contain mitochondria.

pigments, like chlorophyll

________ are used the absorb sunlight.

convert glucose/organic compounds to ATP/energy
What is the function of the mitochondria?
oxygen and glucose
Name two overall products of photosynthesis
dark reaction
Which cycle does not require direct sunlight?
light intensity, carbon dioxide concentration, temperature
Name three items that effect the rate of photosynthesis?
What is the chemical formula for glucose?
H2O & CO2
What is the chemical formula for water & carbon dioxide?
What are organisms called that make their own food?
What are organisms called that use sunlight to make their own food?
to produce ATP/energy for the dark reaction
What is the main function of the light reaction in photosynthesis?
Which organelle take in sunlight & makes organic compounds?
What gas is produced in photosynthesis?
carbon dioxide and water
Name two overall reactants of photosynthesis.
What color is reflected by green plants?
they don't absorb the green wavelength
Why can't plants grow in green light?
bond between phosphates
Where is energy located in an ATP molecule?
ATP synthase places a phosphate and ADP close together to form a bond
How is ATP formed?
oxygen, ATP, NADPH
Name the three products of the light reaction?
light reaction
Oxygen, ATP, and NADPH are produced in what reaction?
ATP-has three phosphate bonds... ADP only has two bonds
What contains more energy, ADP or ATP?
dark reaction
CO2, ATP, & NADPH are used in what reaction?
sunlight/light energy to chemical energy in glucose
What type of energy transfer is occurring in photosynthesis?
glucose, ADP, and NADP+
What are the three products of the dark reaction?
adenosine triphosphate
What does ATP stand for?
What molecule provides an electron in photosynthesis?
energy is released
What happens when a chemical bond is broken (like ATP to ADP)
Name the main pigment involved in photosynthesis.
What byproduct is formed when plants split water besides H+?
it does not need light
Why is the dark reaction called the "dark" reaction?
Where in a chloroplast is sunlight "absorbed"?
make glucose
What is the main purpose of the Dark reaction?
Light Rxn: along the thylakoid membrane
In which part of the chloroplast does the light reaction occur?
the breakdown of glucose/food into energy/ATP
Describe photosynthesis.
ADP, NADP+, glucose
List 3 products of the dark (light-independent) reaction.
oxygen, ATP, NADPH
Name 3 products of the light-dependent reaction.
water, ADP, NADP+
Name 3 reactants of the light-dependent reaction.
What "fuel/batteries" are formed in the light reaction?
What contains more energy, NADP+ or NADPH?
ATP synthase rotates and places phosphate and ADP close enough to bond together)
How does ATP synthase "build" ATP?
ATP, NADPH, carbon dioxide
Name 3 reactants of the dark (light-independent) reaction.
provide "fuel/batteries" for the dark reaction
What is the purpose of the light reaction?
NADH - it has taken on electrons
Which of the following molecules is the low energy NADH or NAD+?
energy is released... example ATP to ADP
What occurs when a high-energy chemical bond is broken?
a build-up of a certain substance on one side of a membrane
What is a concentration gradient?
build up of H+ ions inside the thylakoid membrane, forms a concentration gradient
Where does the energy to convert ADP to ATP come from during the light reaction?
H+ ions
What forms the concentration gradient during the electron transport chain in cellular respiration?
ATP synthase
What is the name of the enzyme that joins ADP and a free phosphate (Pi) during the light reaction?
Absorbs sunlight
Why is chlorophyll a the most important pigment in a plant?
Changes carbon dioxide into glucose/organic compounds
What does the dark reaction cycle do?
Dark Rxn: stroma/liquid in thylakoid
The light-independent (Dark) reaction?