Chapter 9 Vocab

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change in concentration per unit time
rate law
mathematical relationship b/n rate of reaction and concentrations of reactants
rate constant
proportionality factor
flooding (isolation)
conditions in which all but one reactant's concentrations don't change appreciably over the course of the reaction
integrated rate law
mathematical relationship b/n concentrations of species and time
half life
time it takes for a concentration to be reduced by a factor of 2
frequency factor
pre-exponential value that accounts for the number of collisions and the orientation of molecular collisions
activation energy
energy input needed for a reaction to proceed
activated state
energy and orientation of a molecule that has been given energy but has not yet been converted into products
transition state
high-energy point on a reaction coordinate diagram
substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction w/o being consumed
elementary step
chemical reaction whose rate law is directly related to its molecularity
rate-determining step
slowest step in a reaction mechanism
how many molecules must come together for a reaction to proceed
reaction intermediate
species produced in one step of a mechanism but consumed in another