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Articles of Confederation
powers of the government stated clearly
articles of confederation
first constitution of the united states
a strong central government
what did the writers of the constitution not want
when were the articles written?
what did the articles need to reflect?
when did the articles go into affect?
no president (executive) and no federal court (judicial)
how were the articles similar to the document made by the 2nd continental congress?
legislative branch
what branch did the articles create?
state courts
how were disagreements solved when the articles were written?
they despised what England put them through by having a strong central government
why did the writers not want a strong central government?
declaring war, stop war, delivering mail, dealing with indians, create taxes but did not have power to collect taxes, had power to create laws but not to enforce them
what were federal powers given to the federal government?
power to coerce, force people what they don't want to do
approved treaty of paris and had power to decide what to do with the western lands (indians)
what did the articles have power to do and did do?
written document
first part of the constitution
"we the people"
most important 3 words in american history
have a stronger government than the articles provided
what does it mean to have a more perfect union?
domestic tranquility
no one is taken advantage of
provide for the common defense
protect us from enemies
"are you okay?"
what was to last as long as the united states does?
how many times was the constitution ammended?
like an english diagram
how was the constitution written?
big parts of the constitution
2nd biggest / smaller than article
smallest section
the legislative branch
what does the first part of the constitution discuss?
who is the legislative branch?
president and executive branch as a whole
what does article 2 cover?
the federal court
what does article 3 cover?
power to make laws
legislative powers means what?
house of representatives and senate
congress makes up what 2 parts?
the house of representatives
who discusses before the senate does
2 years
how long is a house of representatives term?
what does several mean in the constitution?
the voters selecting a canidate
elector means what?
if you can vote for state officials you can vote for federal officials
what qualifies you to vote for a house of representative member?
-25 years old -citizen of federal and state gov for 7 years
qualifications for house of representatives
-free people -indentured servants -3/5 a person for every slave
who counted for the census during this time?
having few rights and takes 5-7 years to be free
who was not counted in a census?
when was the first census taken?
every 10 years
how often does a census occur?
the census wasn't taken until 1790
why did the constitution say exactly how many house of representatives?
die, impeached, and regination
how do vacancies occur in the house of rep?
what is membership based on?
executive authority
rite of election
announcement of election
house of representatives
who chooses officers such as speaker of the house?
the leader of the house is determined by who?
-choose who speaks -chooses if someone has spoken too long -choose which bill makes it to the floor of the house
what does the the speaker of the house do?
represents the majority of the house
who is the majority leader?
represents the minority of the house
who is the minority leader?
the house a right to?
due process
a number of steps that must be taken and in order
determine if there is enough evidence to indict
what is the grand jurys job?
the house of representatives
what is the federal form of a grand jury?
indicted means your guilty
they look at further evidence and decide if you are guilty or innocent
what happens are a person is indicted?
someone can be impeached without being guilty
how many senators per state?
to leave
what were small states threatening if they were not given an equal voice in the senate?
roger sherman
who suggested the great compromise?
the great compromise
the number of house of representatives would be determined by population. the senate would be based on equality and would be equal
how do they determine a vacancy in senate now?
legislator chose
when the constitution was first written how was vancany filled?
when did senators began being chosen by voters?
6 years
how long is a senate members term?
senators from the same state have to both the same
how many votes does a senate member have?
how many ways is the senate split?
2,4, and 6 years
what are the 3 divisions time frames for reelection?
how many us senators rerun for election every two years?
the governor
if a legislator is gone who appoints a senate member?
-30 years old on the day sworn in -9 year member of the us -live in state of which they are elected
what does a senate member need to run?
the vice president
who is the 101 "member" of congress?
the vice president plays an active role in senate
when a tie occurs
when does the vice president vote in the senate?
replaces the vice president in the house of representatives if he is gone
2/3s of those that are present
how many votes do you need to impeach
who determines guilt or innocence?
Must be removed from office Disqualified to hold any other gov office Disqualified from any national office the rest of your life
when the senate finishes trying the case and they are guilty, what actions are taken?
a civilian court to be tried
after found guilty in a national court where will they go?
jail time executed fees/fines
what can be the consequences from being tried in a civilian court?
the state
who determines how senate members are chosen?
the senators are chosen unfairly by state
why would congress step in while choosing senate members?
once a year
how many times is congress required to meet?
january 3/december 1
what day does congress meet now and back then?
year round
when does congress meet now?
the house they are apart of
who determines whether congress members are qualified?
number of people in order to do business legally
false, you can be punished
you don't have to show up for congress
the chamber(house)
who decided "disorderly" behavior
congressional records
holds records of what is said in congress
3 days
how long can they take a break for but no longer
government treasury
where is the house and senate paid from?
congress can deny pay
treason, felony, breach of peace
why would the members not receive salary
you can only work in the house or senate and no other government job
the house of representatives
where must tax bills start?
they are closer to the people
why was the house chosen to determine tax bills?
a suggest law
what is a bill?
when the president signs it
when does a bill become a law?
why he vetoed and send it back to where it began
if he vetos what must be done
they review it and discuss but CANNOT change it
what do they do with a vetoed bill?
the constitution
who can override a presidential veto?
2/3s of both senate and house agree
what is a method of overriding a veto
the president doesnt do anything for 10 days
when will a bill become an automatic law
he may agree with it even tho his party may not
why would a president not sign or veto?
pocket veto
what is it called when a law sits on the presidents desk for 10 days?
what does congress have power to create and collect?
the us
who does congress get money from?
all concerns for money is dealt with by who?
procedures and laws created by congress
who determines us citizens?
who is in charge of dealing with bankruptcy?
who regulates the value of money?
punishment for counterfeit is made by who?
who creates post offices and post roads?
copyright and patents
what protects inventors and writers
tribunal court
lower court than the supreme court
letters of marque
issued to privately owned ships which gives them permission to fight ocean battles against the country you are at war with
10 miles squared
how big can congress be?
who makes all laws?
elastic clause/necessary improper clause
what is article 1 section 8 paragraph 18 referred to?
the ban of the pacific slave trade
what did article 1 section 9 state?
article 1 section 9
what was the only law not to immediately go into effect?
fined or jail time
what was the outcome of migration or importation of slaves after article 1 section 9?
you cannot be in jail indefinetely
rebellion or invasion
when is habeas corpus be changed or suspended?
bill of attainder
orders your arrest and without trial says you are guilty
ex post facto law
a law in the future cannot be trialed for
direct and special tax
federal income tax
what is an example of capitation?
one state can be taxed but not another
who sets the budget for congress?
any jobs that are directly given to congress
what jobs can states not do?
no it belongs to the us treasury
can a state collect taxes that they create?
presidents powers are clearly stated in the constitution
the way presidents are elected has changed since when the constitution was written
the electoral college
house of representatives + senate from each state make up what?
the president of the united states
chief executive is who?
4 years
how long is a presidents term?
the seat of the government or the capitol
where are election ballets sent?
joint session
house and senate are joined together
the electoral votes and the majority of the votes were voting for the same person
why wouldn't the house of representatives be apart of the election process of the president?
how many people of the house must be there in order to vote on presidential elections?
if there is still a tie after the house who votes next?
the vice president
who is on the same ticket as the president?