Technical Drafting Q1

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Orthographic Projection
- The exact representation of a figure - Process of representing 3d objects in 2d
Multiview Projection, Parallel Projection
Other terms of Orthographic Projection
Means straight, upright, vertical (Came from Greek word 'orthos' meaning straight, right, true)
marked by clear lifelike or vividly realistic description.
Glass Box
unfolding and transferring the height, width, and depth
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3 Principal Views
Front View Top View Right Side View
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3 Principal Planes
Frontal Plane Horizontal Plane Profile Plane
Working Drawing
used as a reference or guide in the manufacture of a product.
Assembly Drawing
[a part of working drawing dealing with] drawing various parts of a machine or structure assembled in their relative working positions.
Alphabet of Lines
a list of line symbols that engineers and draftsmen use in technical drawings to communicate specific shapes, sizes or surfaces.
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Construction Lines
- used to construct layout work (guidelines) - thin and very light, should not be erased
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Visible Lines
- show outline of object, visible edges and surfaces. - thick and heavy
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Section Lines
- medium lines drawn at 45 degrees - show interior view of solid areas of cutting plane line.
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Hidden Lines
- short dash lines - show non visible surfaces.
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Center Lines
- long and short dash lines - usually indicates center of holes, circles and arcs - thin and dark
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Dimension Lines
- show the size of an object with a numeric value usually located in the middle of the line - usually with arrowheads or tick markings. - thin and dark
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Extension Lines
- show the starting and ending of dimension. - thin and dark
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Leader Lines
-medium line with arrowhead - show label for size (e.g., radii) or special information about a feature.
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Cutting Plane Lines
- extra thick lines - show cutaway views or plane of projection where a section view is taken - arrow indicates the direction of view.
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Short Break Lines Long Break Lines
- short and long medium line use to show cutaway view of a long section. - SBL are used when the hidden part is rather short, while LBL are used when it's longer
The process of adding size to a drawing information
Aligned Dimensioning Unidirectional Dimensioning
Two systems of Dimensioning
Aligned Dimensioning
- numbers are aligned with the side of the feature being measured - if dimension lines are drawn vertically on the right side of a drawing, the numerals would be flipped on its right - dimension is written in two directions
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Unidirectional Dimensioning
- reads from the bottom of the sheet and writes all numbers horizontally - dimension is written in the same direction in the whole drawing
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curved line that is a part of a circle
- rounded sides of a polygon's vertices -ex. tables with rounded corners
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- the sloped or angled edges or corners of a part design - straight and sharp angle, opposite of fillet
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