INTRO - UNIT 3 - Transportation (Immune, Circulatory, Respiratory)

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Lymphoid tissue located on either side of the throat. Traps harmful organisms from entering the body through the mouth.
Receive blood from outside the heart and pumps blood into a ventricle
Receive blood from an atrium and pumps blood out of the heart
Vessels that take blood away from the heart
Vessels that take blood back to the heart
Single cell thick vessels where all exchanges with the blood happen
Erythrocytes; Blood cells that carry oxygen from the lungs to the body cells.
Leukocytes; Protect against infection and disease
Thrombocytes; cell fragments in the blood that are used for blood clotting
The liquid part of blood
Openings to the nasal cavity
The throat; the passage from the mouth to the larynx and esophagus
Flap of cartilage in the back of the throat that directs food to the esophagus
the area of the throat that contains the vocal cords and produces vocal sounds
Windpipe, Allows air to pass to and from lungs
Pair of breathing tubes that branch from the trachea into the lungs.
Airways in the lungs that lead from the bronchi to the alveoli.