SS7 - Unit 2 - Texas Geography Greer

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19 Terms
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*Largest Region
*2/3 Texans live here
*Diverse Economy - Oil, gas, farming, lumber
*Dry and grassy
*Most people live in major cities
*Farming and ranching economy
C*Grassy and good rainfall
*Small population with most people living in small towns
*Diverse farming economy
*Highest and driest of the regions
*Mostly desert
*Lowest population of all regions
*Trade with Mexico important
An area of land that is lower at the center than at the edges
Includes settlement patterns, migration, and transportation
Compares and defines characteristics that make places similar to or different from other places
Includes descriptions of how humans adapt to and/or change the physical environment, including industries and agriculture, to improve lifestyle or survival.
*Where something is.
*Includes determining both absolute location (latitude and longitude) and relative location (cardinal and intermediate directions)
Identifies the physical and human characteristics of a given location including climate, population, vegetation, water forms, and natural resources.
The distance north or south of the equator
the distance east or west of a particular meridian (imaginary line along the Earth's surface from the North Pole to the South Pole)
When humans change their behavior in order to survive in an environment
When humans change the physical environment in order to survive or improve an environment
The study of the countries, oceans, rivers, mountains, cities, and other natural features of the world
An important city where the main government of a country or state is
A large area of flat land with few trees
Factors that motivate people to leave a place
Factors that motivate people to move to a place