Honors World History Chapter 4A: The Roman Civilization

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Which people group that Rome conquered was from the north?
Which people group that Rome conquered was located in Southern Italy?
Which people group that Rome conquered was settled in North Africa?
Which social class in Rome was known as the lower class?
Which social class in Rome was known as the upper class?
Which mountain range lies north of Italy?
Which mountain range runs directly down Italy?
Which nickname meaning "land of cattle" was given to Southern Italy by Greek settlers?
Mare Nostrum
Which nickname meaning "our sea" was given to the Mediterranean Sea?
Which people group that came across the Alps founded Rome?
Romulus and Remus
Name the two twins who, according to Roman legend, founded the city of Rome.
Who killed his brother and crowned himself the king of Rome?
Which brother was killed by the other when the two founded Rome?
League of the Seven Hills
In the eighth century BC, which league was formed by the Latin settlers?
What was the basic social unit of Roman civilization?
Who was the sole authority of a family or household?
What is a group of several families that share a common ancestor known as?
What is a group of several clans that are united by common beliefs known as?
What was Rome's earliest form of government?
In Rome's monarchy, who was the chief priest, commander of the army, and judge?
Which word was the name given for the king's authority?
This small axe encased in a bundle of rods was what symbolized the king's power.
509 BC
In which year did Rome overthrow its monarchy and establish a republic?
In this type of government, voting citizens control the power of the government through elected officials under the law.
These two government-elected officials replaced the king but still held the imperium, dealt with the everyday affairs of the government, commanded the military, and were the supreme judges.
This branch was the most powerful and important, protected all the people, had three hundred members, was appointed for life, controlled finances, passed laws, and supervised foreign affairs.
Assembly of Centuries
This assembly was exclusively for the patricians, could declare war, vote on legislation from consuls, and elect officials.
Tribal Assembly
Also known as the Council of Plebeians, this assembly could pass plebiscites and had a tribune.
Consuls, Senate, and Assemblies
What were the three branches of the Roman government?
What type of passed resolution applied only to the plebeians?
What group that consisted of ten members attended the Assembly of Centuries's meetings and shouted "Veto!"?
"I forbid!"
What does "Veto!" mean?
Law of the Twelve Tables
What was the name of Rome's written law?
Roman Forum
Where was Rome's written law displayed?
Which Greek leader used elephants to defeat Rome twice?
Pyrrhic victory
In what type of victory do the cons outweigh the pros?
Rome and Carthage
Which two nations fight in the Punic Wars?
First Punic War
In which Punic War (264-241 BC) did Rome and Carthage fight over Sicily?
Having control of this island meant that you had control of the surrounding waters and could tax incoming ships.
Second Punic War
In which Punic War (218-201 BC) did Carthage attack a Spanish town that was a Roman ally?
Which Carthaginian commander had great leadership, tactical, and military skills?
Hannibal won this battle with only 6000 lost men to the Romans' 60,000.
With which nation did Carthage make an alliance with during the Second Punic War?
Which Roman commander brought about a turning point for the Romans during the Second Punic War?
Third Punic War
In which Punic War (149-146 BC) did Rome hold the city of Carthage under siege for three years?
Which Roman senator ended every speech by declaring, "but I demand that Carthage must be destroyed!"?
Which nation made an alliance with Rome after the Third Punic War?
Constant uprisings
What made Rome take back all the freedoms it gave to the nations it conquered?
Jobs were becoming unavailable.
Name the first problem that led to Rome's decline into dictatorship.
The government was of no help.
Name the second problem that led to Rome's decline into dictatorship.
There was corruption in the government.
Name the third problem that led to Rome's decline into dictatorship.
Gracchi bothers
Which brothers wanted to help the poor by dividing land and selling grain at lower prices?
Tiberius Gracchus
Which Gracchi brother proposed that public land should be divided among the poor?
Gaius Gracchus
Which Gracchi brother proposed that grain should be sold to the poor at lower prices?
Marius (Tribal Assembly) and Sulla (Senate)
Which two forces fought in the First Civil War?
Who declared himself dictator of Rome until the Senate could rule effectively?
Crassus, Pompey, and Julius Caesar
Which three men formed a triumvirate after realizing any man with a strong enough army could take over Rome?
Which man of the triumvirate was very rich and could raise an army?
Which man of the triumvirate had many military conquests and was supported by the Senate?
Julius Caesar
Which man of the triumvirate had the support of the people?
What is the rule by three men known as?
"Crossing the Rubicon"
What phrase means to make a decision that you can't undo?
March 15, 44 BC
What was the month, date, and year Julius Caesar was assassinated?
At which battle was Mark Antony killed?
Who was Rome's first imperator?
Julian Calendar
What type of calendar has twelve months and alternates between thirty and thirty-one days?
What was the first month in the Julian Calendar?
Which month in the Julian Calendar was named after Julius?
Which month in the Julian Calendar was named after Octavian?