Histology Vocab (Definitions and Pictures)

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The anatomical study of the microscopic structure of animal and plant tissue
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Free Surface
Cells that line passageways (vessles, digestive system, air, etc...
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Basement Membrane
Anchors epithelial tissue to the musculature... Think of the basement of a house, anchoring the house to the ground; last row of cells attach to this
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Cell Connections
Bind cells together; provide permeability barrier and communication; think of a kid building blocks, cells are like the blocks, they wouldn't get knocked over if they had been connected
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Cell to cell connection; glycoproteins are like a natural, biological glue; filaments=protein wire
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Cell to basement membrane cell connection
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Tight Junctions
Hld cells together, act like a Zip Lock Bag - will not let out water; Consists of two parts Zonula Aderens and Zonula Occtudens
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Zonula Adherens
Runs the lenth of the cell; actin protein
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Zonula Occludens
Runs the lenth of the cell; HUGE thicc (not as thicc as you tho) fibers; at junction, actin tough filaments
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Gap Juntions
Hold two parts, and allow molecules and ions through. Think of rivets
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Lined with epithelial tissue; produce secretion
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Endocrine Gland
An aggregate of cells WITHOUT a duct; relies on bloodstream and release of hormones
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Exocrine Glands
Has a duct; a flask made of an aggregate of cells
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Merocrine Glands
Water producing sweat glands; take materials from blood vessels like salt and water.
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Apocrine Gland
Discharges fragments of the gland cells in the secretion
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Holocrine Glands
Shed entire cells; entire cell becomes part of secretion
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Connective Tissue
They support and suspend
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Background material; 3 parts: protein fibers, ground substance, and fluid; can be thin and watery or thick like cartilage (or your ass)
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Collagen Fibers
Thicker, rope like, strong, long protein, support watery environment; ligaments/tendons
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Reticular Fibers
Very fine, short, thin collogen, fibers; tendency to form an interlocking network; filler material; every basement membrane, organs (spleen, liver, kidneys)
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Elastic Fibers
Contain protein elastin; its own category of protein, suspension like rubber band, found in all basement membranes
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Do bulk of work: young, active, and create matrix ex: Fibroblasts
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Put polish on; maintain the matrix mature cells ex: Fibrocytes
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Ground Substance
The liquid, gelatinous or very dense substance that is the matrix minus fibers, blood vessels etc...
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Squamous "Flat"
Interlock like a puzzle huge thin sheet. They transfer nutrients ex: lungs
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Cuboidal "cube"
As tall as they are wide. If most appear cuboidal it is cuboidal epithelial tissue
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Columnar "columns"
Taller than wide. Some have cilia. If cells are ciliated, must be columnar. Cilia sweeps away mucus.
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Goblet Cells
Produce mucus. Only found in columnar cells, but not all columnar have mucus.
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Simple Arrangement
Only one layer
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Stratified Arragement
Two or more layers
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One layer of cells, but it looks like many due to the different heights of the nuclei
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Transitional Epithelial Tissue
Alter shape on circumstance; look half stratified, half cuboidal. Cytoplasm pushes up on the membrane
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Urinary bladder
If empty, stratified cuboidal or columnar. If full stiatified squamous. Always look at the top 2-3 layers.
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