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Corporate Colony
A colony that is controlled by a company
Royal Colony
A colony that is controlled by a king or queen
Proprietary Colony
A colony that is controlled by one person or a group of people
House of Burgess
First elected legislature in the English colonies - in Virginia
A person who owes money
Cash Crop
Crops that are sold for profit
To exchange goods or services for other goods or services without using money.
A religious group that believed in equality for all, settled Pennsylvania
A religious group that wanted purify the Church of England - settled Massachusetts official name was Congregationalists
Document granting the right to settle a colony
Official christian religion of England that places the king as the head of the church.
Indentured Servant
A person who agreed to work for 4-7 years in exchange for passage to the New World
A person who is either forced or is born into seritude for life and who does not have any rights.
economic system of trade that spanned from 16th century to 18th century and based on the idea that a nation's wealth and power were best served by increasing exports and so involved increasing trade.
Mayflower Compact
A document stating the laws that would be followed in Plymouth - first time men agree to govern themselves.
Maryland Act of Religious Toleration
A law that guaranteed all christian religions the right to worship freely
Fundamental Orders of CT
1st written constitution in the English colonies
When was Roanoke founded?
Founded 1585
Where was Roanoke founded?
Island off the coast of North Carolina
Who founded Roanoke?
Founded by Sir Walter Raleigh
What year was Roanoke forced to leave?
why was Roanoke forced to leave?
Colonist be headed Native Chief Wingina
What year did Roanoke return?
1587 (governor was john white)
What year did white return?
What happen when white returned?
Everyone was gone "CROATOAN," engraved on a tree
When was Jamestown founded
Who was Jamestown first governor?
John Smith first governor
How many colonist were there originally in Jamestown?
What colony type was Jamestown?
Corporate colony,Virginia Company of London
What year did the first Africans arrive in colonies?
What did they grow?
Grew tobacco & later cotton
What is the government called?
House of Burgesses (Representative form of government)
When was the House of Burgesses established?
July 1619
What were Local Native tribe called?
who did the Powhatans fight with?
fought with colonists
When was Plymouth founded?
Who created Plymouth?
What was plymouth colony?
Corporate Company-Plymouth Company of London
What did plymouth create?
Created Mayflower Compact
What did the government agree to do?
Agreed to work together and make laws together
What were the local tribe in plymouth?
Wampanoags,Leader Massasoit,/Samoset,Squanto taught colonists how to survive
When was the Massachusetts Bay Colony created?
Who was the governor of massachusetts bay?
Governor John Winthrop (Wrote speech "A Modell of Christian Charity""A city upon a hill")
When was Phillidiaplia founded?
What colony was philidiaplia?
Proprietary Colony
Who the land given too?
Land granted to Sir William Penn
Who was it mostly settled by?
What does the government have?
elected council,Penn and his sons inherited the title of governor " Concessions to the Province of Pennsylvania, 1681",Determined land distribution rules for dealing native tribes,"Pennsylvania Charter of Privileges, 1701",Identified rights of the colonists
What were phillidiaplia local tribe?
Delaware /"The walking Purchase"
First colony to abolish slaver was?
"Gradual Abolition of Slavery Act 1780"
When was St. Mary founded?
Who was Maryland founded by?
Lord Baltimore
What was Maryland created for?
Created for Catholics
"The Act of Toleration 1649"
granted permission worship & legal protection for Catholics/Protestants
When was Providence founded?
Who was Providence founded by?
Roger Williams
Which colony offer complete religious freedom?
Rhode Island
When was Savannah founded?
Who founded Savannah?
James Oglethorpe
What colony is Georgia?
debtor colony
What is a example of debtor colony?
People who owed money sent their to work it off
What is New England colonies based on?
Economy based on fishing, ship building, and trade/Land with rocking soil/Mountainous
What states are in the New England colony?
Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island
What is the middle colonies based on?
Economy based on farming and the fur trade/Fertile flat land
What states are in the middle colony?
New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware
What is the southern colonies based on?
cash crops and plantation style farming/Fertile land/Flat open lands
What states are in the southern colony?
Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia
whats the order the colonies were founded in
1, roanoke 2, jamestown 3, plymouth 4, pennsylvania 5, carolina 6, georgia