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Spaced Repetition

spaced repetition

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Automatically tabs the first line of a new paragraph
Used to organize sets of information and show relationships between separate pieces of information
Automatically tabs every line after the first line in a paragraph
Built-in presets of formatting styles that can be applied to text in one action
Automatically fits the row or column of a table around the length or size of the text
Determines the starting point of the text from the left side of the page
Allows you to select/highlight text that is not directly side by side
location of main tools needed to edit or change the layout of the table (add or delete rows or columns, merge cells, AutoFit tables, etc.)
Allows you to adjust the amount of space between lines of text in the document
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knowt flashcard image
Used to list off similar items that have no particular sequence
Lines of the table the table that separate the cells of data
Used to list off an order of sequence within a list of text
Formatting presets of tables that can be applied in one click
Copies the formatting of selected text and applies it to different text in the document
Locations of the main tools used to edit the overall look of an image in the document
Used to rearrange and organize text to help it save space or arrange it in a different pattern
Gives appropriate credit to sources you have referenced and taken information from when creating your document, located directly after the quoted/used information
Displays the collection of all cited sources used in the creation of your work