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Proclamation of 1763
- was passed after the french + Indian war - made an imaginary line stopping colonials to go past the Appalachian Mountains. - colonists didn’t listen to the proclamation line
Stamp Act
- was the first direct tax on the colonies - taxed all printed material (this included newspapers, wills, playing cards, marriage papers, + other legal documents - tax was represented by a stamp (see image) -protests stated forming (“NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!”) - started the stamp act congress - act later repealed
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Stamp Act Congress
- 9 colonies met to protest against stamp act (this was the first colonial response to british acts) - caused parliament to repeal the act later on
Townshend Acts
- Named after Charles Townshend when he declared to tax colonies another time - Small tax on glass, paper, lead, paint, and Tea - When colonial protest grew, the Townshend acts were repealed except on the tea - Also introduced the Writs of assistance
Writs Of Assistance
When parliament could search ships & homes (or anything else) without a good reason - (like a warrant nowadays that didn’t need to be approved.)
Boston Massacre
- Occured on March 5th, 1770 - Angry crowd swarmed customs house (where the king kept tax $) - crowd throwing snowballs and ice. People daring the redcoats to “fire!” - Redcoats killed 5 colonists > Crispus Attucks being the 1st
Committees of Correspondence
- people who would write to inform other colonies what is happening In Massachusetts - was made to share news and events across america
Tea Act
- Parliament let BEIC sell tea cheaply and directly to the colonies after BEIC faced bankruptcy because of boycotts & smuggled tea - DID NOT TAX TEA - sold tea very cheap (cheaper than smuggled tea) - made tea colonial merchants very upset because made them loose $ due to people buying the cheaper BEIC tea.
Boston Tea Party
- Late at night, The Sons of Liberty dressed in disguises (in Native American costumes), boarded ships and proceeded to dump around 342 chests of tea into the Boston harbor. (Around 1.7 million dollars today)
Intolerable Acts
- King George III decided he needed to control the colonies and punish them for their bad behaviors. - The Boston harbor was closed until the BEIC was paid back for the tea that was tossed into the harbor - Town meetings banned for 1 year in MA - some freedoms were revoked and controlled by Thomas Gage - 2nd Quartering Act- forced colonists to house British soldiers -Also known as the Coercive acts
First Continental Congress
- occurred in September 1774 - 13 colonies met in Philadelphia - John Hancock was President - Met in response to intolerable acts: Committee of correspondence helped spread the news of Intolerable Acts - caused more boycotts + formed and trained a militia to prepare for war
Sam Adams
- cousins with John Adams (2nd cousin) - was not successful in business & public speaking - loved politics - created the sons of liberty to protect rights and to fight taxation - led protests (violent & not violent) - Created the committee of correspondence to inform other colonies of events in Massachusetts
John Adams
- patriot - cousins with Sam Adams (2nd Cousin) - agreed to be the defense lawyer for the redcoats (soldiers) because he believed in fair trial, even if it wasn't what he believed
Patrick Henry
- patriot leader - part of Sons of liberty Said the phase: “give me liberty or give me death!”
Sons of Liberty
- created by Sam Adams - a group of patriots - husbands of Daughters of Liberty - boycotted British trade after townshend acts were passed - boarded 3 ships in the middle of the night and dumped 342 chests of tea into harbor (around 1.7 MILLION $ today) - lead protests (violent + non- violent) and also started boycotts of British goods
Daughters of Liberty
- Women joined Sons of liberty to fight for independence from Britain after the Townshend Acts were passed - were the wives of the Sons of liberty - helped boycott with Sons of liberty - made clothing while they boycotting British trade - created the liberty tea company
Crispus Attucks
- native American and African descent - first killed in Boston massacre - former enslaved person
Captain Thomas Preston
- captain in the British army - leader of the soldiers in Boston massacre - did not give order to fire
George Grenville
- agreed that colonies should be taxed + controlled - proposed the stamp act - thought that colonies should pay for war debt - was a prime minister
Charles Townshend
- member of parliament - proposed the Townshend acts
- when a person or group of people refuse to purchase certain items in an act of protest - most effective way to protest