Classical Literacy

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anno Domini "in the year of our Lord" used for dates
ante meridiem/post meridiem "before noon"/"afternoon"
Ancient counting tool, beads on a wire separated by frame
greatest hero of greek invincible except for his lower leg, fought in trojan war
Achilles heel
idiom to describe someone strong in something but having a weakness
Ancient Citadel containing multiple buildings, took 16 years to make, used as a treasury, church, mosque, powder box
ad nauseam
"to sickness/nausea" Doing something so much you get sick of it
ad hoc
"to this(purpose", something made for a specific purpose
ad hominem
"to the person", the logical fallacy of attacking a person instead of their ideas
ad infinitum
"to infinity", endlessly
mortal lover of Aphrodite and Persephone, god of Beauty, fertility, and permanent renewal
Adriatic Sea
Romans used this to transport items across to Rome
Aegean Sea
Used for commercial sea trading, borders Greece and Turkey, Home to many islands and gods, Myceans relied heavily on it
trojan hero, son of a prince, helped defend his city against greeks during trojan war, battled with Diomedes, great leader
epic poem written by Virgil, Aeneas' journey from Troy to Italy
Legendary Greek writer and storyteller, all stories have a moral, "slow and steady wins the race"
leader of Greek army during Trojan war, married clymmetra, killed by wife, ruled Mycenae
a plan of problems to be addressed, "things that ought to be done"
Alexander the Great
lived as king of Macedonia, died from malaria, never lost in battle, took down Persia
city, port located in northern Egypt, conquered by Alexander the Great, largest city on the mediterranean sea
All Gaul is divided into three parts
has the ability to divide on task into three parts, Julius Caesar said this
All roads lead to Rome
any method will achieve the same outcome, derives from medieval latin
alma mater
the school or college someone once attended, "nourishing mother"
Alpha and Omega
beginning and end, derives from Greek alphabet
highest and most extensive mountain range in Europe, created by glaciers, split Germany, France, Italy and etc
alter ego
"other self" second self different version
"student" male or female graduate
ambrosia and nectar
food and drink of the gods, gave immortality, cleaned wounds and gave strength and also used as anointing fluids
Built in Rome, dome-shaped to hold festivals and theaters, gladiator fights, first built in Pompeii
Androcles and the Lion
written by Aesop, person escapes slavery and saves a lion who had a thorn in itself, sentence to death by the lion he saved
greek mythology, Wife of Persius, Poseidon sent a sea monster to kill this person, galaxy named after her
ante bellum
"before the war" To describe something before the war
Mark Anthony
born in Rome to a military commander, general for Caesar, had 3 children with Cleopatra, killed himself
greek word for spider and phobos means fear, fear of spiders
to describe a large important Church, derived from Greek word basilike stoa