WH9 Ch 20 Sec 1-2

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who is the genoese sea captain who reaches americas?
christopher columbus
where does christopher columbus think he is?
east indies
where does he actually land?
an island probably in bahamas
in 1493, he sets out for where with what?
americas with a large fleet
how many ships are in the fleet?
what does spain aim to set up?
what are colonies?
lands controlled by a foreign nation
who named america?
Martin Waldseemuller
who did he name america after?
Amerigo Vespucci
who claims brazil for portugal?
Pedro Alvares Cabral
who identifies south america as new continent?
Amerigo Vespucci
who reaches the pacific ocean for spain?
Vasco Nunez de Balboa
who leaves to sail around the world?
Ferdinand Magellan
how does magellan die?
killed by indies
was the trip finished and who finished it? how many people were on the crew finished it and how long did it take?
no the trip was not finished and the crew finished it. 5 people; 3 years
in 1519, who lands in mexico?
hernando cortes
who is hernado cortes?
spanish adventurer
what does hernado cortes become known as?
what are conquistadors?
spanish conquerors
what wipe out large numbers of aztecs?
european diseases
what is the biggest reason for natives dying?
who is the spanish conqueror that leads force to peru?
Francisco Pizarro
what is mestizo?
mixed spanish and native population
what is a encomienda system?
spanish force native americans to work for them
what is the predominant cash crop grown?
sugar cane
who enlarges its navy?
why does spain enlarge its navy?
to protect ships carrying treasure
who claims florida for spain
Juan Ponce de Leon
in 1540s, who explores southwest and finds little gold?
Francisco Coronado
in early 1600s, spanish establish capital of what?
santa fe
who protest mistreatment of native americans?
catholic priests
who abolished encomienda system?
who takes the need for workers in mines and on farms?
enslaved africans
Who starts colonies in North America?
French, English, Dutch
Who founds Quebec?
Samuel de Champlain
What is New France?
French colony in North America
What does New France include?
Great Lakes and Mississippi River valley
New France is very large but has few what?
What is the main activity of the colony?
fur trade
Who does King James permit to start North American colony?
What do colonist found in *1607*?
What is Jamestown?
English settlement in Virginia
Who are the pilgrims and where are they found?
a group persecuted for religion; Plymouth
What was the name of the Pilgrims ship?
Who are the puritans and where do they settle?
group seeking religious freedom; Massachusetts
What do many families in Massachusetts ________which begins to grow.
In 1609, who explores the waterways for the Dutch?
Henry Hudson
Dutch claim land and found what?
New Netherlands
Modern New Netherlands
Albany and New York City
Dutch focus of fur trade. Who do they welcome?
Settlers from other lands
Who also starts colonizing in the Caribbean?
European nations
What kind of plantations are worked by enslaved Africans?
cotton and sugar
In 1664, what do the English force the Dutch colonist to do?
surrender control
By 1750, about how many settlers are in the 13 colonies?
1.2 million
English settlers, pushing west collide with who?
What war is also apart of the Seven Years War and begins in 1754?
French and Indian War
In 1763, what makes France give up its American colonies?
they lose to Britain
Which is more deadly to the Native Americans, wars or diseases?
Who do colonist use to work in place of Native Americans?
enslaved Africans
Why did the enslaved Africans work?
It was the end of encomienda
In the Atlantic slave trade, what % did the colonist own?
How much did each slave cost?
How many slaves were there total?
9.5 million
What % of slaves came to North America?