Part 1 Theorical Vocab

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Anterograde Amnesia
A type of memory loss that occurs when you can't make new ones
Automatic Processing
Happens automatically without trying to learn - Implicit Memories
Organizing items into a familiar, managable, unit Increases working memory
Cocktail Party Effect
In a nosiey environment, you can selectively put your focus onto one conversation
Perceiving, Recognition, and Reasoning
Deep Processing
Produces longer-lasting & more accessible memories
Distributed Practice
A learning strategy where practice is split evenly in short sessions over a long juncture
Dual Processing
How thoughts can arise in two different ways, or as a result two different processes
Echoic Memory
Ultra short term memory for auditory listening
Effortful Processing
Encoding information while being conscious Requires rehearsal & is improved with attention and motivation - Explicit Memories
Eideitc Memory
The ability to recall an image from memory with high precision - for a brief time Also known as, Photographic Memory
Elabortive Rehearsal
Attaching numerous associations & making applications - Relating to prior knowledge - Deep Processing
Putting information into memory
Encoding Failure
"One ear, and out the other" Much of what we sense, we never notice and if we fail to encode, we can't remember - Age effects this encoding efficiency
Episodic Memory
A type of long term memory that involves conscious recollection of previous experiences together with their contextin terms of time
Explicit Memories
The things we know & can declare
Flashbulb Memories
Memories we never forget because of the emotion involved *Not perfect - subject to false memories
Focused Attention
Having the ability to focus on one task for an unlimited amount of time without distraction
Forgetting Curve
The decline of memory retention in time
Iconic Memory
A type of sensory memory which stores images for a fraction of a second
Implicit Memory
Doesn't require the conscious or explicit recollection of past events or information all while the individual is unaware that remembering has occure