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Feedback Loop: 1
Stimulus produces change in variable
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Feedback Loop: 2
Receptor detects change
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Feedback Loop: 3
Input: Information sent along from afferent pathway to control center
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Feed Back Loop: 4
Output: Information sent along efferent pathway to effector
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Feedback Loop: 5
Response of effector feeds back to reduce the effect of stimulus and returns variable to homeostatic level
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Feedback Loop:
Afferent pathway=to the left of the control center
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Feedback Loop:
Efferent Pathway= to the right of the control center
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What is the relationship between anatomy and physiology
How its put together dictates how well it works
Tissue: Four Main Types
epithelial, connective, muscle, and nervous tissue
Tissue: Structure of epithelial tissue
A sheet of cells that covers body surfaces or cavities
Tissue: Function of epithelial tissue
Protection (multiple layers) , Absorption (Simple Layer), filtration, excretion, secretion, and sensory reception
Tissue: Classification of epithelial tissue
All epithelial tissues have two names: Simple epithelia- single layer Stratified epithelia- layered
Tissue: Characteristics of connective tissue
Have varying degrees of vascularity (cartilage is avascular, bone is highly vascularized)
Tissue: Components of connective tissue
Ground substance, fibers, and cells
Tissue: Types of connective tissues
Connective tissue proper, cartilage, bone, and blood
Tissue: Cells found in connective tissue
"Blast" cells- an immature form of a cell that actively secretes ground substance and ECM fibers "Cyte" cells- Mature, less active form of "blast" cell that now becomes part of and helps maintain health of matrix
Supports and protects the blood cells in cavities
Consists of cells surrounded by matrix (plasma)