Unit 1- Early European Colonization and Formation of the 13 Colonies

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What was the Roanoke Colony known as? What were the characteristics/ main things to know?
Lost colony. *Sir Walter Raleigh- Paid for the Colony *John White- Governor *Virginia Dare- First English person born in the Americas *Tree-CROATOAN
In what year what was the Spanish Armada defeated?
What was Jamestown known as?
Oldest permanent English settlement
Who invented tobacco?
John Rolfe
Leader of the Jamestown colony?
John Smith
What group put money towards the Jamestown Colony for profit?
Virginia Company of London Joint-Stock
What was the Virginia House of Burgesses?
It was a representative assembly
What was Plymouth?
First Massachusetts settlement
What were the group of Puritans called that went to Plymouth?
Who was the leader of the Plymouth settlement?
William Bradford
Who was the leader of the Massachusetts Bay Colony
John Winthrop
What were the main things to know about the Rhode Island colony?
*Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson were thrown out of MASS. Bay and came here *Baptist Beginnings came from here
Who was the minister for the New Hampshire colony
Who was the minister of the Connecticut colony?
What was the name of the first constitution made in the Connecticut colony?
Fundamental Order
Was Maryland Catholic or Protestant?
It was a Catholic Haven
What were the main things to know about the Maryland Colony?
*It was an economic settlement *The act of toleration was made in this colony *The Chesapeake region included this colony which was Virginia and Maryland-agriculture
Who was New York (Previously New Amsterdam) occupied by?
Who was the leader of Amsterdam?
Peter Stuyvesant
Who bought New Amsterdam from the Dutch
The Duke of York; he did this peacefully and renamed New Amsterdam to New York
Who was the leader of the Pennsylvania colony
Penn; Penn was also a quaker
What was Philadelphia known was?
"The city of Brotherly Love."
What were the main things to know about Delaware?
*It came from the splitting of Pennsylvania *Lord de la Warr
What was the last colony and in what year was it established?
Georgia; 1733
Who founded the Georgia colony?
What was the Pequot War?
a war between the english settlers and the pequot tribe. The Narraganset fought with the English and John MASON was the leader,
What was the New England Confederation?
They had no power and colonies joined against the Native Americans
Which colonies were the Southern Colonies?
*Georgia (Savannah) *South Carolina (Charles Town) *North Carolina (Wilmington) *Virginia (Jamestown) *Maryland (Baltimore)
Which colonies were the Middle Colonies
*Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) *New York (Albany) *New Jersey (Trenton) *Deleware (Wilmington)
Which were the New England colonies?
*Connecticut (Hartford) *Massachusetts (Boston + Plymouth) *New Hampshire (Portsmouth) *Massachusetts (Maine)
What was Beringia?
A land bridge that the Native Americans crossed to get to Alaska
What were the characteristics of early settlements?
*Hierarchy's *Different religion *Different language
What was the oldest civilization in the Americas? What were the main things to know about them?
Olmecs *Had calendars and various art
Who were the Mayans?
*Lived on the Yucatan Peninsula *Had extensive irrigation systems and had many cities
Who were the Aztecs?
*Capital city: Tenochtitlan *Lived in Mexico *Very organized; had a government that taxed people *Eventually got conquered by Cortez
Who were the Incas?
*Lived in Cuzco, Peru *Lived in the mountains because it was hot *Had extensive road systems and were silver miners *Eventually conquered by Pizarro
Who were the "mound builders" in North America?
Adena, Hopewell, and Mississippians
Which tribes were in the Southwestern United States?
Anasazi and Hohokam
Who was Bartolomeu Dias?
*A PORTUGUESE explorer *Went to the Cape of Good Hope
Who was Vasco de Gama?
*A PORTUGUESE explorer *Made it to India
Who started the African Slave Trade? Where did they transport the Africans through?
The Portuguese started the African Slave Trade and brought them through the Middle Passage
Who was Colombus?
*A Spanish explorer *Went to the Bahamas
What was the Treaty of Tordesillas?
*Divided hemispheres between Spain and Portugal *Spain got everything to the West *Portugal got everything to the East
What was the Columbian Exchange?
The global transfer of foods, plants, and animals across the Atlantic Ocean
Who was Vasco Balboa?
*SPANISH explorer *First European to see the Pacific *Claimed the Pacific for Spain
Who was Ferdinand Magellan?
*SPANISH explorer *First to circumnavigate the world
Who was Ponce de Leon?
*SPANISH explorer *Explored Florida
Who was Hernando Cortez?
*SPANISH conquistador *Conquered the Aztecs
Who was Malinche?
Was a translator for Cortez
Who was Francisco Pizarro?
*SPANISH conquistador *Conquered the Incas
Who was Hernando de Soto?
*SPANISH explorer *Explored the Mississippi river region
Who was Coronado?
*SPANISH explorer *Explored the US Southwest and saw the Grand Canyon
What was the encomienda system?
a system in which the Spanish had the right to demand labor from Native Americans. The Native Americans would get food and clothing in return
What was the asiento system?
The Spanish would bring Africans as slaves to the New World
What was the oldest settlement in America?
St. Augustine
Who was Cartier?
*FRENCH explorer *Discovered the St. Lawrence river
Who was Champlain?
*FRENCH explorer *Founded Quebec *Developed fur trade with the Huron Indians
Who was La Salle?
First to go to the Mouth of the Mississippi River on the Gulf of Mexico
Who were l'berville and Bienville
They colonized Mobile and New Orleans
What was King Philips War?
War between the English and the Native Americans *Was done in an attempt for the English to stop taking Native land *English won because of their guns *IN MASSACHUSETTS
What was Bacon's Rebellion and what caused it?
Bacon's Rebellion happened because the Royal Governor, Governor Berkeley, as people wanted protection from the Native Americans. IN VIRGINIA
What were corporate colonies?
Colonies that were operated by joint-stock companies
What were Royal colonies?
A colony controlled directly by the English king
what were propietary colonies
Maryland and Pennsylvania; were under the authority of individual charters of ownership by the king