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AAS and SW National HQ is located at the same location every year to enforce proper continuity and organization. (T/F)
All AAS meetings are governed by what rules?
Robert's Rules of Orders
All active AAS members are also members of what organization?
Air Force Association
All types of members of AAS must pay dues.
An AAS Area Commander holds what rank?
AAS C/ Colonel
An AAS Squadron Commander holds what rank?
AAS C/ Major
Any type of member can hold and AAS Squadron position. (T/F)
Area Headquarters has the authority to charge dues from every squadron in that particular area. (T/F)
Area Headquarters is chosen by what vote?
At NATCON, in order to pass legislation affecting AAS and SW, what must happen?
Both the AAS and the SW general assemblies must pass the legislation
Every squadron must have a delegate or an alternate at every business session in order to vote at NATCON. (T/F)
NAC stands for?
National Administrative Consultant
Name the two affiliate organizations of Arnold Air Society:
AFA & Silverwings
Silver Wings was first known as what?
Angel Flight
The Candidates of AAS must attend at least ____ of all candidate activities.
The USAF was established in what year?
There are ____ areas in the nation.
There are ____ Silver Wings Regions in the nation?
What are AAS colors?
Red, White, Blue, and Yellow- Orange
What are the colors of Silver Wings?
Blue & White
What are the missions of AAS?
1) To create a more efficient relationship among Air Force officer candidates, in particular within the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps. 2) To aid in the development of effective Air Force officers. 3)To further the purpose, traditions, and concepts of the United States Air Force.
What award is for the nation's best candidate program?
What does SNP stand for?
Seperate National Project
What is the Arnold Air Society motto and is a quote by whom:
"The warrior who cultivates his mind polishes his arms" (Duc de Boufflers).
What is the motto of Silver Wings?
Knowledge, Wisdom, and the Courage to Serve
What is the name of the annual meeting where AAS and SW meet to discuss national business?
National Concave
What is the national handbook for AAS that incorporates rules, procedures and guidelines for the way the society functions?
What is the year long service project performed by AAS and SW that benefits the community?
Joint National Project
What organization publishes the Air Force Magazine?
When are the national awards presented?
When did Royal N. Baker Squadron get its Charter
Where is this year's NATCON going to be held?
Orlando, FL
Which is NOT a class of membership in AAS?
Which of the following is NOT a mission of AAS?
To meet the needs of AFROTC as specified by the cadet wing commander
Which of the following is the founding University of AAS?
University of Cincinnati
Which of the following is the official flower of AAS?
Crimson Glory Rose
Which of the following is the proper Headquarters Chain of Command (lowest to highest)
Squadron, Area, National
Which of the following is true of the AAS insignia?
The rank pin and fourragere must be worn together
Which of the following selects the AAS National Headquarters?
NATCON General Assembly
Which one of the following is not an objective of Silver Wings?
Civil Service
Who are the two Chief Civilian Employees of AAS? (Also known as the Executive Co- Directors)
Brig General Dan Woodward Major General Maggie Woodward
Who is responsible for preparing candidates to become active members of the society?
CTO (Candidate Training Officer)
Who is the AAS National Commander?
Cadet Brigadier Noah Sherman
Who is the current Honorary National Commander?
General David L. Goldfein
Who is the General of the Air Force that the society is named after?
General of the Air Force Henry "Hap" Arnold