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Define absolutism
a system of government in which a ruler has complete authority over the government and the lives of the people he or she governs
List the 4 characteristics of an Absolute monarch
1. Centralized government 2. Hereditary Monarchy 3. Military Power 4. and Divine Rights of Kings
What is a Centralized Government
A centralized government is when power of government is put into the hands of one person who is claimed the monarch
How does power pass to a new ruler in a Hereditary monarchy?
Power passes to to the first male born after a king dies.
What did absolute monarchs use their militaries to accomplish?
They used their militaries to accomplish conquest and to protect their throne
Define "Divine Right"
the belief that a ruler's authority comes directly from God.
Why did Louis XIV need religious uniformity in France?
He wanted religious uniformity so no one could take his power away from him or cause a rebellion against him.
Define Protestant
any Christianity that isn't catholic or orthodox
How did Louis XIV use the Palace of Versailles to increase his power?
-demonstrating his massive amount of wealth - and to keep a close eye on important royals or members of the French society - also used the palace to distract guests with parties and festivals
Identify 3 successes of Louis XIV
1. strengthening royal power 2. making the French army the strongest force of Europe 2. changing French culture, manners, and customs to European structures
Identify 3 failures of Louis XIV
1. Spending too much money on expensive wars 2. Causing the Huguenots to flee France from persecution which hurt the French economy 3. and having a policy of heavy taxation that created a long-lasting anger towards the French Throne.
Why was Russia behind Western Europe?
It was behind Western Europe because it was isolated from the rest of Europe, and had no cultural diffusion to expand its country
Define "Westernization"
the adoption of all practices and culture of Western European by societies and countries in other parts of the world, whether through force or influence.
Define "Warm water port"
port that does not freeze and stays open all year
What did Peter the Great do to Westernize and modernize Russia?
- made nobility dress and act like Western Europeans - had Western European languages taught throughout Russia - introduced new ideas, technology, weapons for the military
Identify 3 successes of Peter the Great
1. expanded Russian territory 2. increased the power of the Czar, weakening power of the Russian nobles 3. Westernized and modernized Russia
Identify 3 failures of Peter the great
1. didn't acquire his warm-water port 2. spent a lot of money on expensive wars 3. oppressed the common people of Russian Empire in order to achieve his goals
Define Constitution
a document explaining the system of fundamental principles according to which a nation, states, or corporation is governed.
What are some differences between the Tudor Family and Stuart Family?
The Tudors: - Protestants - had a good relationship with Parliament and valued them The Stuarts: - Catholics - caused A civil war with Parliament and didn't support them
Describe the Glorious Revolution
The moment in which England becomes a limited monarchy
What are 3 rules listed in the English Bill of Rights?
- Freedom of Speech - Parliament controls the laws, taxes, and the courts - Parliament must be freely elected
Define "Limited Monarchy"
a government in which a constitution or legislative body limits the monarch's power