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Warriors defend this valuable thing.
their personal honor
What are the core values?
integrity, respect, volunteer service, and excellence
What is integrity?
It is the willingness to do what is right, even when no one is looking.
What is respect?
It is being respectful and treating others as you would like to be treated.
What is volunteer service?
It is about selflessness; it is the difference between giving and taking.
What is excellence?
It giving it your best, no matter what challenge is facing you.
What is self-awareness?
It is the ability to monitor and judge your own actions.
Define self-discipline.
It is the ability to direct your thoughts, emotions, and actions toward a meaningful purpose.
Define attitude.
It is the state of mind that lies behind your every action.
All attitudes are what?
A positive attitude begins in what?
It begins in the realization that attitude is a choice to be positive or negative.
Everyone must answer for their actions regardless of what?
What is an oath?
It is a solemn promise.
What does the uniform teach you?
self-discipline, personal responsibility, and self-respect
A single person's conduct reflects on who?
everyone else in the group
A unit's performance on the drill field is a measure of the cadet's sense of what?
What is the chain of command?
It is the order of authority.
Final responsibility for getting a job done should be assigned to how many people?
What is a benefit of the chain of command?
It re-enforces the idea that everyone is held accountable for their actions by someone above them.
Leadership hierarchies are used by what?
most organizations
When is the chain of command most efficient?
It is most efficient when issues are resolved at the lowest possible level.
Jumping the chain should be what?
What do you need to practice to be a leader?
What is self-management?
Is it the process of directing and controlling your actions so that you can achieve your goals in life.
What is future picture?
It is a clear and compelling description of what you want your life to look like at some point in the future.
Describe the goal setting process.
dream big, identify a goal and write it down, list the steps needed, get help, work towards your goal
What do goals give you?
a sense of mission, a rudder, and a meaningful purpose
What process do good leaders follow?
a decision making process
What should you do before you make a decision?
You should stop and think.
If you have a problem, what should you do?
You should define it and write it down.
What is brainstorming?
It is a method used to generate a large number of creative ideas.
Who are stakeholders?
They are people who have a stake in the solution.
When you create a solution, what should you see how it relates to?
the core values
What should you do before you decide and act?
You should pause if you can.
What do good leaders do concerning their decisions?
They re-evaluate and change course if necessary.
Leader who make bad initial decisions often find themselves caught in what?
the ethical trap
Describe the ethical trap.
It consists of a primary and a secondary ethical decision. A poor primary ethical decision leads to a secondary ethical decision.
What is time management?
It is the process of organizing and using your time wisely.
What is efficiency?
It is a broad term used to describe how well a leader is making use of their time and other resources.
What is an easy way to save time?
pay attention
It costs time to what?
save time
Not all work is what?
Define uptime.
It is the amount of time someone is actually working.
Define downtime.
It is the time spent waiting to work.
Define procrastination.
Is it the practice of putting off a task for no good reason.
If you know you're procrastinating, what should you do?
You should identify why you are avoiding the task.
What are some ways to overcome procrastination?
consider your peace of mind, break it up into smaller jobs, jump right in, publicly commit to work, use rewards
What are some ways to manage your time?
keep a calender or notepad, wear a watch, create a to do list, make a time inventory, allow for flexibility
What is an essential time management tool?
prioritized to do lists
Once you know exactly how you're spending your time what can you do?
You can manage it better.
People have a need for what?
fun, spontaneity, and relaxation
What is stress?
It is the body's response to change.
What is a stressor?
It is anything that causes stress.
Who is more prone to stress than adults?
young people
What is resilience?
It is the ability to recover from adversity.
People who try to fix their problems tend to be what?
emotionally healthier
What are some tactics to avoid stress?
avoid things that bring you down, let things go, exercise, relax, eat and sleep well
What is exercise?
It is the most important part of a stress management plan.
What can you do by practicing relaxation techniques?
You can relax so that stress hormones stop firing.
What is important part of any healthy lifestyle?
good nutrition
How many hours of sleep each night do teenagers require?
Having coping skills can help you what?
They can help you win your battles with stress.
Coping skills are especially important for who?
As a leader, what ability is always on display?
What does team stand for?
Together Everyone Achieves More
What is a team?
It is a collection of individuals who are committed to working together to achieve a common goal.
Using individual's skills to their advantage is a quality of what?
a great team
Who do team members often look to for leadership?
one another
Why is a sense of team spirit important?
It builds trust.
What is synergy?
Is it the idea that by working together, we can achieve more than if we were working alone.
Effective team members possess what quality?
What does teamwork require?
What, besides attitudes, is contagious?
Who must be loyal, supportive, and committed to a mission?
a team member
Who is a mentor?
They are a close, trusted, and experienced adviser.
List somethings mentors do.
They challenge you, are your friends, are your guides, and are your tutors.
List some qualities you need must have to be a mentor.
You are eager to learn, are humble, and are ambitious.
Who is responsible for doing your work and solving your problems?
You are.
What is listening?
Is it the process of receiving, deciphering, and responding to spoken and non-verbal messages.
What is the most neglected communication skill?
Listeners focus on what?
Having one mouth and two ears, we should what?
We should spend twice as much time listening as we do talking.
List some reasons why someone wouldn't listen well.
They are thinking about what to say next, are hearing what they expect, are not paying attention, or being prejudiced.
How do you listen actively?
You have to prepare, adjust, focus, pay attention, think, take notes, and confirm the message.
What should you do when a speaker's mouth opens?
You should close your mouth and open your ears.
What should you be aware of and work to overcome when adjusting to a situation?
factors that affect your ability to concentrate
What you should you focus on when listening to a speaker?
key points
Why do speakers use non-verbal actions such as facial expressions or gestures?
to add meanings to the words they say
What is the purpose of note taking?
It is to summarize the speakers main points.
How should you respond to a speaker?
in a way that reflects your best understanding of their message
What is the main goal of communications?
It is not just to receive sounds but to share meaning.
When does feedback take place?
when you return to the speaker a portion of the message they send you
What is dialogue?
It is when two or more people reason together about a topic.
What are questions?
They are a form of teamwork where the speaker and listener work together to share meaning.
What do knowledge questions ask?
What do understanding questions ask?
What do synthesis questions ask?
Define critical reading.
It is the process of examining, analyzing, and evaluating the writer's message.
What method can you use to improve your reading comprehension?
SQ3R: Survey, Question, Read, Recall, Review
Who reads with a pencil in hand to annotate?
successful readers
What should you do when you finish reading?
You should try to recall what you have read.
How does the Air Force define leadership?
The art and science of influencing and directing people to accomplish the assigned mission.
What makes leadership an area?
It requires imagination and creative skill.
What makes leadership a science?
It is an academic subject requiring careful study, observation, and experimentation.
Who works with people?
a leader
What is the reason a team exists?
the mission
What is the most important responsibility of a leader?
accomplishing the mission
Leadership doesn't have a what?
a universally agreed upon definition
What three components are expert's definitions of leadership?
the leader, the follower(s), and the goal
What is culture?
It is the attitudes, customs, and values of a civilization; it influences how we approach leadership.
What is America built on?
democratic values
Leading is now seen as what?
something everyone has the potential for
What does absolute power do?
It corrupts absolutely.
What are some tools that leaders should not use?
threats, coercion, and extortion
What does "bad leadership" imply?
no leadership
To lead to means what?
to bring someone to a new place
What do visionary leaders do?
They paint an inspiring future picture for the whole team.
Seventeen years before Pearl Harbor, Brigadier General Billy Mitchell warned about what?
Japan could use carrier-based airplanes to attack Hawaii.
Brigadier General Billy Mitchell wanted to create an independent air force that would what?
not be subject to the Army or Navy
The freedom to have ownership over a program creates what?
the responsibility to provide visionary leadership
Leaders need to live in the real world while also doing what?
envisioning the future
What forms does motivation come in?
money, praise, a prestegious position, awards, special privileges, and more
John F. Kennedy challenged America by appealing to the nation in several ways. What were they?
He cited accomplishments, linked his moon challenge with our national stature, motivated by putting his presidency on the line, and motivated by setting an audacious goal.
Cadets motivate each other during what?
competitions, obstacle courses, and whenever they try to build team spirit
If a leader is too motivational they might do what?
inspire followers for the wrong reasons or motivate them to do something wrong
What does a leader want to do with an idea?
They want to take it out of their mind and put it in other's minds by varying the message accordingly.
What is an inspiring aspect about good communicators?
They are perceived to have an orderly mind.
Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have A Dream" speech is recognized as being what?
one of the greatest oratorical performances of all time
What did Martin Luther King Jr. project in his speech?
optimism, confidence, and a belief in America
By the time "I Have A Dream" was repeated 9 times, everyone had found what?
plenty to agree with
What is the job of a good communicator?
to make complex ideas easy to understand
What do people judge leaders by?
their actions, not their words
What helps leaders establish their credibility and win respect?
possessing expert knowledge
Jimmy Doolittles most famous accomplishment came in the early days of WWII, when he devised a method for what?
launching Army Air Force bombers from a Navy aircraft carrier.
Doolittle's plan resulted in what?
a daring raid on Tokyo
Cadet officers and NCO's need to be experts in all aspects of cadet life to be what?
effective leaders
What do leaders teach their teams?
how to act and what to value
Who wrote, "Obedience is the gateway through which knowledge and love too enter the mind of a child."
Anne Sullivan
Sullivan knew that every blind child wanted to what?
learn and contribute to society as much as anybody else
Many Americans began to see that disabled people can live productive and successful lives thanks to what?
Anne Sullivan's leadership
Experienced cadets hone their leadership skills when they what?
teach junior cadets
Leaders who are seen as having all the answers could inadvertently make the team what?
dependent of them
What do leaders do?
communicate, teach, and inspire
What is the oldest leadership philosophy?
the Great Man theory
What does the Great Man theory say?
It says that to study leadership you must look at the lives of successful leaders.
When studying the Great Man theory, one should not do what?
contradict the example set by the great men
Leaders are presumed to be what?
acquainted with the lives of the great men
According to the Great Man theory, what is leadership?
It is a magical quality found in a select few.
What does the Great Man theory not explain?
how we determine who is a successful leader
What factors have a greater impact on leadership than the Great Man theory acknowledges?
experience, education, and situation
The Air Force doctrine states that leadership is built from what?
experience, education, and training
How does Trait theory explain leadership?
in terms of the personality and the character of the leader
How is each leader unique?
in their personal qualities and in their approach to leading
What is the major weakness in Trait theory?
No one agrees which traits make a good leader.
What is an important step in your development as a leader?
discovering that leadership requires deep study and reflection
What did the U.S. Congress create on June 14, 1777?
the flag
When is Flag Day is celebrated?
June 14
What poem serves as the U.S. National Anthem?
"The Star Spangled Banner" by Francis Scott Key
What does the flag represent?
the best things about our people, land, and commitment to equality
What is a taboo of displaying the flag concerning the ground?
Do not let the flag touch the ground.
What is a taboo of displaying the flag concerning advertising?
Do not use the flag in advertising.
What is a taboo of displaying the flag concerning the flag's orientation?
Do not fly the flag upside down except as a sign of distress.
What is a taboo of displaying the flag concerning other flags?
Do not fly another flag above the U.S. flag.
What is a taboo of displaying the flag concerning parades?
Do not drape the flag over a parade float or car.
What is a taboo of displaying the flag concerning clothing?
Do not wear the flag as clothing.
What is a taboo of displaying the flag concerning putting things on the flag?
Do not place words, pictures, or logos on the flag.
What is a taboo of displaying the flag concerning a tattered or dirty flag?
Do not fly a tattered or dirty flag. Destroy the flag in a dignified manner (burning).
What is the rule of displaying the flag concerning national holidays?
You must display the flag everyday, especially on national holidays.
What is the rule of displaying the flag concerning public buildings?
Public buildings must display the flag.
What is the rule of displaying the flag concerning how long to display it?
You must fly the flag from sunrise to sunset or through the night (only if illuminated).
What is the rule of displaying the flag concerning bad weather?
Do not fly the flag during bad weather.
What is the rule of displaying the flag concerning how to raise and lower the flag?
You must briskly hoist the flag up the flag pole and lower it ceremoniously.
What is the rule of displaying the flag concerning marching?
If marching in a group, the U.S. flag belongs in the front and center of all the other flags or on the marching right.