National Chain of Command

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17 Terms
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*President (POTUS)*
Commander In Chief Joe Biden
*Vice President (VPOTUS)*
Kamala Harris
*Secretary of Defense*
Lloyd Austin
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
General Mark Milley
Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Admiral Christopher Grady
*Chief of Naval Operations*
Admiral Michael Gilday
*Secretary of the Navy*
Carlos Del Toro
Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy
Master Chief Petty Officer James Honea
Commandant of the Marine Corps
General David Berger
Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps
Sergeant Major Troy Black
Secretary of Homeland Security
Alejandro Mayorías
Secretary of State
Antony Blinken
Commandant of the Coast Guard
Admiral Linda Fagan
*Commander, Naval Education Training Command*
Rear Admiral Upper Half Peter Garvin
*Commander, Naval Service Training Command*
Rear Admiral Lower Half Jennifer Couture
*NJROTC Area 6 Commander*

Captain Jerry Hupp

NJROTC Director
Captain Tim Daseler