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In 1770, British Parliament repealed each of the Townshend Duties except for the one on
A wave of resistance to the Stamp Act was launched in Virginia by newcomer to House of Burgesses who introduced five resolutions -- "Virginia Resolves". He was:
Patrick Henry
Every colony rejected the Albany Plan for all of the following reasons EXCEPT
The colonies trusted one another
The Pilgrims were
Benjamin Franklin's profession was as a
The War of Jenkins' Ear was fought between
British and Spanish
Reasons for the colonists' anger over the Tea Act included
many tea merchants would be hurt by the act, attempt to tax the colonists with cheaper tea, the monopolization rights given to certain merchants
The founder of Pennsylvania colony was
William Penn
The King of England prior to and during the American Revolution was
King George III
The Toleration Act applied to
Under the headright system,
a colonist received fifty acres of free land for every person for whom he paid to passage to virginia
Colonists termed the German soldiers brought over to North America to help them fight as:
The primary export of the Virginia Colony was
The Salem Witchcraft Trials ended when
The governor's wife was accused of witchcraft
Colonists in New York were angry with James, Duke of York, because
he governed without an general assembly
During the French and Indian War, British and American troops differed in that
The British were disciplined professionals: the Americans were undisciplined, the British followed orders without question, British enlisted for long terms of service
The leader of a group of colonists who landed at Yamacraw Bluff in 1733 and later made their way down to Savannah to settle the colony of Georgia was
James Oglethorpe
Common Sense was written by
Thomas Paine
George Washington is best described as
a dignified, determined leader over his disorganised army
The only colony in which a Stamp distributor took office (though only for one day) was
This man was labeled the "most dangerous man in Massachusetts." He was
Sam Adams
The Restoration colonies were
proprietary colonies founded by cavalier supporters of charles II and james II
The Navigation Acts required that
all goods imported into the colonies be carried by English-owned ships
The final major battle in the Revolutionary War was fought at
In regard to slavery, the government of Spanish Florida
offered freedom and protection
For the most part, England's North American colonies responded to the Navigation Acts.
Very Unfavourably
Colonists viewed military service as
a temporary voluntary experience
England's last North American colony was
The Boston Massacre trials and other acts by the British government
Increased colonial fear and distrust
The Sugar Act (1764) placed a duty, or tax, on
imported French molasses
During the Revolutionary War, most Indian tribes
Sided with the British
Most loyalists in the American Revolution:
sided with England
The Pueblo Revolt in Spanish New Mexico
was more successful than any other indian rebellion in american history
As a result of the witchcraft trials in Salem,
twenty people were executed either by hanging or by crushing
The colony of Massachusetts Bay was settled by
The model for England's conquest and colonization of North America was
Jamestown was established and settled by
Virginia Company
John Smith is noted for helping to stabilize Jamestown by
forcing the colonists to work for their own survival
Early Pennsylvania also was referred to as the
Holy Experiment
The Pueblo Revolt reveals which of the following?
Spanish priests reacted violently to Native Americans who abandoned Christianity
Indentured servants were
people who agreed to work for a term in exchange for their passage to America.
The War of Jenkins's Ear was fought between the
British and Spanish
letters carved on a tree at Roanoke
The main argument of Thomas Paine's Common Sense
denounced the monarchy as a degenerate institution
The Tea Act (1773)
attempted to save the British East India Company from financial disaster
The Inner Light was
quakers believed that each individual could be saved by this
The Boston Massacre
The first bloodshed of the American Revolution (1770), as British guards at the Boston Customs House opened fire on a crowd killing five Americans
The Declaration of Independence was primarily written by
Thomas Jefferson
The final battle of the American Revolution occurred at
The colonists opposed the Stamp Tax because it
was the first direct internal tax passed by Parliament for the North American colonies