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Color ____ is a technique used to identify switch terminal screws through various colors.
A _____ label is a stamped or printed icon that indicates that a device or material has been approved for consumer use by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
A _______ is a short groove that indicates the amount of insulation that must be removed from a wire so the wire can be properly inserted into a switch.
strip gauge
A _____ is a contact device installed for the connection of plugs and flexible cords to a supply current to portable electrical equipment.
_____ receptacles include a long neutral slot, a short hot slot, and a U-Shaped ground hole.
A ______ is a fast-acting receptacle that detects low levels of leakage current to ground and opens the circuit in response to the leakage (ground fault).
ground fault circuit interrupter
The terminals of a ______ switch are identified as common, traveler A, and traveler B.
______ are often called convenience outlets.
Steel, bronze, and green colors are typically used on receptacle ______.
terminal screws
A ______ receptacle is used to minimize problems in sensitive applications or areas of high electrical noise.
isolated bronze
A _________ is any current above the level that is required for a dangerous shock.
ground fault
A _____ indicates the minimum safety requirements and is not meant to serve as a quality comparison between manufacturers.
UL label
_______ is a type of cable that consists of three insulated electrical conductors held together and protected by a strong plastic jacket.
nonmetallic sheathed cable
The 14 in a cable marked 14/2 indicates ______.
the size of the wire
Receptacle boxes are _____ shaped.
square, octagonal, and rectangular
A _____ is a round identification punched into the metal of a box and by unpunched narrow strips of metal.
Boxes are typically secured by...
When securing cables to a box, at least ___'' of wire must extend beyond the bottom of the box to allow enough wire for making connections to receptacles and switches.
When notches are used to run cable through stud walls, the cable run must be protected from nails by a steel plate at least ___'' thick.
NM and NMC cable must be supported or secured every ___'of cable run and within 12'' of a box.
4 1/2
A ____ lamp is an electric lamp that produces light by the flow of current through a tungsten filament inside a gas-filled, sealed glass bulb.
A ____ lamp is a low-pressure discharge lamp in which ionization of mercury vapor transforms ultraviolet energy generated by the discharge of light.
A ____ lamp is an HID lamp that operates at a low vapor pressure and uses sodium as the vapor.
A ____ lamp is an HID lamp that produces light by electrical discharge through mercury vapor.
A ____ ballast is a ballast that connects a coil in series with the power line leading to the lamp.
A _____ is an assemblage of equipment installed for switching, changing, or regulating the voltage of electricity.
____ are covered with an insulating material that is available in different colors.
As the length of the conductor [increases/decreases], its resistance increases.
____ is the resistance of a conductor having a specific length and cross-sectional area.
As the ____ of a conductor increases, the free electrons between he atoms move faster and their vibrations increase.
Large wire sizes allow more ___ to flow, which produces a stronger magnetic field.
____ are generally added to a circuit to control the amount of current flowing in a circuit or branch of the circuit.
A ____ is an electric device specifically designed to store a charge of energy.
A ____ is any device that converts electrical energy into motion, heat, light or sound.
The ___ rating of a transformer indicates the amount of power the transformer can safely deliver.
When sizing a transformer, the primary side of the transformer must have a rating equal to the supply ____.
Temperature ____ in a transformer is the temperature of the windings above the existing ambient temperature.
A ____ configuration is a transformer connection that has one end of each transformer coil connected together.
A ______ configuration is a transformer connection that has each transformer coil connected end-to-end to form a closed loop.
____ is a light-gauge electrical pipe often referred to as thin-wall conduit.
electrical magnetic tubing
_____ cable is very popular in residential wiring because it is inexpensive and easy to install.
nonmetallic sheathed cable
Type ____ cable is a nonmetallic-sheathed cable that has the conductors enclosed within a nonmetallic jacket and is the type typically used for dry interior wiring.
_____ is the placement of electrical boxes and wires before wall coverings and ceilings are installed.
A service panel should be located close to the ____ to avoid costly runs to major appliances.
___ temperature is the average temperature of the air that cools a transformer over a 24-hour period.
standard ambient
____ is a force that acts at a distance and is caused by a magnetic field.
____ is the magnetic field produced when electricity passes through a conductor.
The more coil turns a solenoid has, the ___ the linear force.
A ____ is an electrical device that uses electromagnetism to change voltage from one level to another or to isolate one voltage to another.
____ inductance is the effect of one coil inducing a voltage into another coil.
The ____ coil (input side) of the transformer is the coil to which the voltage is connected.
A ___ transformer is a transformer in which the secondary coil has fewer turns of wire than the primary coil.
____ loss is caused by the resistance of copper wire to the flow of current.
____ transformers are step-down transformers that are used to lower the voltage to the control circuit in which the control switches, contactors, and motor starters are connected.
A _____ box is an electrical device designed to house electrical components and protect wiring connections.
____ grounding is a grounding method where the ground wire is attached directly to an electrical component such as a receptacle.
_____ grounding is a grounding method where two ground wires are used to connect an electrical device to a ground screw in the box then to system ground.
Metallic-sheathed cable or ____ cable provides additional protection to wires by using a metal outer jacket.
_____ is a rugged protective tube through which insulated conductors are pulled.
_____ is the term used for the process of pulling wires through conduit.
A service entrance for a single family dwellings require a minimum _____ a capability.
A ____ service entrance has all service wires running from a utility pole to a service head, where the meter socket and riser are firmly secured to the exterior of a dwelling, where the service panel is placed inside.
overhead riser
A ___ service entrance has all service wires buried underground.
lateral conduit
In typical residential service, ___V is obtained between the red and black service wires.
Any single circuit breaker can only furnish power to one ___V circuit.
A service ____ consists of overhead wires and devices that connect the company power lines to a residence.
The minimum clearance for service drop conductors passing over an alley or street is ____'.
A service ____ is any service to a residence that is achieved by burying the wires underground.
A generator is an electromechanical device that converts mechanical energy into ____ energy by means of electromagnetic induction.
Typical home emergency standby generators range in capacity from 6500 W to ___W.
Generators are chosen based on capacity in ____.
Rated voltage is a voltage range that is +-___% of ideal voltage.
A ___ power interruption is a decrease to 0 V on one or more power lines lasting between 3 sec and 1 min.
Service entrances provide all of the equipment necessary to obtain ___ and distribute it throughout a residence.
A service ___ has service wires run from a utility pole to a service head on or above the residence.
A service ___ has electrical service wires to a residential buried in the ground.
Residential services has a standard voltage of ___V.
The white wire is the ____ in the service panel.
Inside the service panel, where the wires are terminated, metal conductors called ___ bars continue the system.
Fastening the handles of circuit breakers together ensures that, in the event of a ___V overload, both hot lines are disconnected simultaneously.
The service drop is owned and maintained by the...
power company
When a ____ rise of used, the service installation is shared by the homeowner and the utility company.
When a service entrance originates from a transformer pad, special ___ cable is used to make an insulation.
direct burial
___ or finishing the service requires the installation of internal service conductors, circuit breakers, and branch circuit wiring.
trimming out
___ generators are installed during new construction or retrofitted into existing residences and businesses.
stand by
A ____ switch is an electrical device that transfers the load of residence from public utility circuits to the output of a standby generator during a power failure.
____ transition switching is a process in which power is momentarily disconnected when switching a circuit from one voltage supply or level to another.
open circuit
A ___ is a positively-charged particle that also exists in the nucleus of the atom.
A ____ is the outermost shell of an atom and contains the electrons that form new compounds.
valence shell
A ____ is an electric device that uses electromagnetism to change AC voltage from one level to another.
__ is a clothing and/or equipment worn by individuals to reduce the possibility of injury in the work area.
personal protective equipment
The five common types of ____ are A, B, C, D, and K.
Class ___ fires occur in facilities near or in electrical equipment.
_____ is electrical charge at rest.
static electricity
A ____ is an overcurrent protection device with a mechanical mechanism that may manually open a circuit when an overload condition or short circuit occurs.
circuit breaker
A ____ is a fast-acting receptacle that detects low levels of leakage current to ground and opens the circuit in response.
ground fault circuit interrupter
Class _ fires are controlled with water.
The major sources of energy are...
gas, wood, nuclear power
____ current flows in only one direction.
A ____ is a material that has a very high resistance and resists the flow of electrons.
____ is the effect that occurs when light falls on a surface.
____ energy is stored energy a body has due to its position, chemical state, or condition.
_____ energy is the energy of motion.
____ is the amount of electrical pressure in a circuit.
____ voltage is voltage that reverses its direction of flow at regular intervals.
____ is the amount of electrons flowing through an electrical unit.
____ is the rate of doing work or using energy.
A ____ circuit is a circuit that contains only resistive components, such as heating elements and incandescent lamps.
A _____ is the unit used to measure the total amount of light produced by a light source.
A ____ is a test instrument that indicates the presence of voltage when the test touches, or is near, an energized hot conductor or energized metal part.
voltage indicator
When a receptacle is properly wired, a test _____ will illuminate when the test light leads are connected between the neutral slot and the hot slot.
light bulb
A ____ is an electrical test instrument that can measure two or more electrical properties and display the measured properties as numerical values.
digital multimeter
A ____ is a graphic element that represents a quantity or unit.
A ____ display is an electronic device that displays readings as numerical values.
A ____ voltage is a voltage that appears on a meter that is not connected to a circuit.
A ____ ammeter is a meter that measures a current in a circuit by measuring the strength of the magnetic field around a conductor.
clamp on
Clamp-on ammeters are normally used to measure ____ ______ from 0.01 A or less to 1000 A or more.
AC currents
A ______ is a device that is used to measure the amount of resistance in a component that is not powered.
A ____ is a device that detects insulation deterioration by measuring high resistance values under high test voltage conditions.
A ____ is a meter capable of measuring and displaying two or more quantities.
A ____ is used to measure the amount of current flowing in a circuit that is powered.
The total _____ in a circuit containing series-connected loads equals the sum of the resistances of all loads.
The voltage applied across loads connected in _____ divided across all loads.
Conductors should be sized large enough to prevent no more than 3% ____ from the power source to the load.
voltage drop
_____ is produced when voltage is applied to a load and current flows through the load.
A ____ has two or more components connected so that there is more than one path for current flow.
parallel connection
The power formula is useful when determining expected _____ values because most electrical equipment lists a voltage and power rating.
Ohm's law states that _____ in a circuit is equal to voltage divided by resistance.
The _____ is the relationship between power, voltage, and current in an electrical circuit.
power formula
The power formula states that current in a circuit is equal to power ____ voltage.
divided by
_____ switches are often connected in series with automatic switches.
A ____ is a drawing the indicates the connections of all devices and components in a residential electrical system.
electrical layout
A ____ controlled circuit is any circuit that requires a person to initiate an action for the circuit to operate.
____ are designed to hold several electrical wires firmly together to provide an insulating cover for the connection.
wire nuts
____ is the joining of two or more electrical conductors by mechanically twisting the conductors together or by using a special splicing device.
_____ is required to protect slices from oxidation and to insulate individuals against electrical shock.
____ is the process of joining metals by using filler metal and heat to make a strong electrical and mechanical connection.
A_____ is an assembly of conductors electrical devices, and components through which current flows.
electrical circuit
A ______ is a drawing that indicates the placement of all electrical devices and components and the wiring required to connect all the equipment into circuits.
wiring diagram
_____ solder must NEVER BE USED ON ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS because it corrodes electrical connections.
acid core