Food Preparation Terminology

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To brush or pour liquid over a food as it cooks.
To thoroughly mix foods using a vigorous over-and-over motion.
To cook food by first browning it, then simmering in a small amount of liquid.
To cook food under direct heat.
To cut food into small, irregular pieces.
To beat together ingredients, typically fat and sugar, until soft and creamy. Dissolves the sugar and adds air.
Cube shaped (medium ½ x ½ x ½" and small is ¼ x ¼ x ¼")
Breading- or batter-coating food, immersing (completely covering) it in hot fat, and frying it until it is done. The outside of the food item develops a crispy coating while the inside stays moist and tender.
To coat an item of food in flour or breadcrumbs before cooking it.
To gently combine delicate ingredients.
Small, colorful, edible bits of food used to enhance the appearance of a dish.
To cut food into small pieces by pressing/rubbing the food against the rough surface of a grater.
To cut food into the smallest possible pieces.
To cut off a very thin layer of peel from fruits and vegetables.
To turn food into a smooth, thick semi-liquid by putting it through a blender or food processor.
To cook food items, often meat or poultry, uncovered in an oven.
To make shallow, straight cuts in the surface of a food.
To put dry ingredients, such as flour, through a sifter or strainer in order to add air, remove lumps, or mix ingredients.
To cook food in liquids just below the boiling point (small bubbles are rising to the surface but not bursting)
To cut food into large, thin pieces.
To cook food with steam by placing it in a basket or rack over, but not in, boiling water.
To cook foods in a small amount of fat over medium-high heat.
To incorporate air into a mixture by beating it vigorously, making it light and fluffy.