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Suprasegmental features
the “extra” features of a word that aren’t necessary to distinguish individual sounds in the IPA system; usually marked with diacritics includes: intonation, pitch, stress, tone, duration/length
Broad transcription
a transcription including only a word’s basic consonants and vowels
Narrow transcription
a transcription including suprasegmental features, also accounting for a word’s phonetic environment influencing how a given sound is pronounced
Differences and debates about human and nonhuman animal communication
Some people think humans have an innate language ability and that some non human primates haven’t done enough to imitate language, others think that human children acquire language through gesture and reference to their physical environment like other animals
Poverty of stimulus
Language is learned without being directly taught
Competence model of linguistics
A model of what speakers know when they know a language, their mental grammar
Performance model of linguistics
A model of how speakers actually use their linguistic competence
Acquisition model of linguistics
A model that reflects changes of competence and performance as a person acquires a language
Descriptive linguistics
How a language is actually spoken
Prescriptive linguistics
How a language is supposed to be spoken