phrasal verbs

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ask after
ask for news about
back down
stop demanding sth, stop saying that you will do sth
back out
decide not to do sth you agreed to do
bank on
depend on sth happening
break down
stop working (for a machine, etc)
break out
escape (from prison)
break out
start suddenly (for a war, fire, etc)
bring forward
change the date/time of an event so it happens earlier
bring in
introduce a new law or system
bring on
cause (illness, etc)
bring out
produce and start to sell a new product
bring up
look after a child until he/she becomes an adult
bring up
start discussing a subject
call for
require, need
call for
call off
carry on
carry out
perform an experiment, etc
catch on
become popular or fashionable
catch on
catch up with
reach the same point/level as
chase after
follow sb/sth quickly in order to catch them
check in
register at a hotel or an airport
check out
leave a hotel
check out
clear up
become brighter and better (for weather)
close down
stop operating (for companies)
come (a)round
happen again (for regular events)
come (a)round (to)
be persuaded to change your mind (about)
come across
find sth or meet sb by chance
come by
get sth, especially sth that is hard to get
come down with
start to suffer from a minor illness
come forward
offer help or information
come into
come off
come on
develop or make progress
come on
start to be broadcast
come out
be published
come round/to
become conscious
come up with
think of (an idea, plan, etc)
count on
rely on, trust
cross out
draw a line through sth written
cut down (on)
do less of (smoking, etc)
cut down (on)
reduce an amount of
cut off
make a place difficult or impossible to enter, leave or communicate with
cut off
stop the supply of sth
cut off
dawn on
if something dawns on you, you realize it for the first time
deal with
handle, cope with
die down
become less noisy, powerful or active
do away with
get rid of
do up
repair, paint or improve
do without
live without (sth you can't afford)
draw up
create (plans, etc)
dress up
put on a fancy or unusual clothes
drop in (on)
visit unexpectedly
drop off
let someone get out of a vehicle
drop off
fall asleep
drop out (of)
leave school, etc before you have finished a course
drown out
prevent a sound from being heard by making a louder noise
face up to
accept sth and try to deal with it
fall for
fall in love with
fall for
believe (a lie/trick/joke, etc)
fall out (with)
have an argument with and stop being friends
feel up to
feel well enough to do
fill in
add information in the spaces on a document
find out
discover information, etc
flick through
turn and look at the pages of a magazine, etc quickly
get (sb) down
make sb feel bad or lose hope
get along (with)
have a good relationship (with)

get at

get away with
escape punishment for
get back
return from a place
get by
manage to survive (financially)
get on (with)
have a good relationship (with)
get on for
be almost a particulate time, number, age, etc
get on with
continue doing
get over
recover from (an illness, etc)
get round to
start (after planning to do sth for a long time)
get through
use all of, finish
get up to
do; do sth you should not do
give away
give free of charge
give away
reveal sth you are trying to hide
give in
stop making an effort to achieve sth difficult
give off
produce sth such as heat or a smell
give up
stop doing sth you do regularly

go away

go on holiday

go down (as)

be remembered for having done sth

go in for

enter (a competition, etc)

go in for


go into

deal with sth in detail

go off

be no longer fresh

go off

explode; be fired (for a gun, usually accidentally)

go off

stop liking

go on

continue happening or doing sth

go on

do sth after doing sth else

go over

repeat or think about it again in order to understand completely

go/come round

go/come to sb’s house to visit them

grow on

if sth starts to grow on you, you start to like it more

grow out of

develop from

grow out of

become too big for

grow up

become older

hand down

give sth valuable to your children or grandchildren, usually when you die

hand in

give to a person in authority

hand out

give things to people in a group

hold up

rob while threatening violence

hold up


join in

participate, take part

keep on

continue doing sth

keep up with

stay at the same pint/level as

knock out

defeat and remove from a competition

knock out

make unconscious

leave out

not include

let down


let off

give little or no punishment

let off

make a bomb, etc explode

line up

get/put into lines

live on

use as a source of money

look after

take care of

look down on

think that you are better than

look into


look out

be careful

look round

examine (a place)

look up to

admire and respect

look up

try to find information in a book or list, etc

make off


make out

pretend that sth is true

make out

see, hear or understand sb with difficulty

make out

write all the necessary information on a cheque, etc