Creating the Constitution

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What is the constitution
the supreme document of out country
What is the articles of confederation?
it was the first legal document that gave an outline of what government of the United States should be
What did each state do under the articles of confederation?
each state retained it's own sovereignty under this system
What is a confederation?
a form of government with a number of groups in an alliance
What is a republic?
a form of government where supreme power is held by the people and their elected representation - one nation
Where did the constitutional convention take place?
What was the purpose of the constitutional convention?
"for the soul and express purpose of revising the articles of confederation" + in other words to make the constitution
Who are the framers?
delegates who attended the constitutional convention and gave input on what should be in the constitution + they were men of wide knowledge and public experiences most of them were founding fathers
What was the first order of business?
to choose George Washington to be leader aka president + at first he didn't want to
What book inspired the three branches or government?
"Spirt of the Laws" by Montesquieu which advocated for three branches of government?
What did the Virginia plan call for?
a Legislative branch + the states with bigger population had more representatives
What was another name for the Virginia plan?
the big state plan
How did the Virginia plan work?
if you had more people you receive more representation in congress
What type of Legislative branch did the New Jersey plan want?
they wanted every state to have an equal number of votes
What was another name for the New Jersey plan?
the small state plan
What was the Connecticut compromise known as?
the great compromise
What was the Connecticut compromise?
it was an agreement that both large and small states reached during the constitutional congress + congress would compose of two houses
What are the two houses of congress?
The house of senates and the house of representatives
What was the house of senates based on?
equal representation
What was the house of representatives based on?
it was based on population
What was the three firths compromise?
it is when they counted slaves as 3/5th of a person when it came to population
Who was John Adams and what did he want?
he wanted to see slavery be abolished, but the country was in no position to do that
Who were the federalist?
people who favore6d ratification for the constitution - they emphasized the weakness of the article of confederation and need for a constitution
Who were the anti federalist?
they were against the constitution entirely - they feared the strong central government would lead to tyranny - their biggest criticism was a lack of a Bill of Rights and even the British gave them that
How many states ratify the constitution?
13 on September 13
What city was chosen to be a temporary capitol?
How many articles and amendments does the constitution have?
7 articles and 27 amendments
Article 1
Legislative Branch
Article 2
Executive Branch
Article 3
Judicial Branch
Article 4
The States
Article 5
Making Amendments
Article 6
The Supremacy of the Constitution
Article 7
Bill of Rights
1) freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition 2) right to bear arms 3) quartering of troops 4) no illegal search and seizure 5) rights of the accused
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