Stare and pronouns Italian and English basic - no expressions

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you are (I)
tu stai
you are (F)
Lei sta
I am
io sto
she is
lei sta
he is
lui sta
we are
noi stiamo
y'all are (I)
voi state
y'all are (F)
Loro stanno
they are
loro stanno
you and Mario are
tu e Mario state
Mario and I are
io e Mario stiamo
Mario is
Mario sta
Mario and Luigi are
Mario e Luigi stanno
Maria is
Maria sta
Maria, you are
Maria, tu stai
Maria and Luigi, you are
Maria e Luigi, voi state
Maria and Luigi are
Maria e Luigi stanno
Luigi is
Luigi sta
Luigi and I are
Luigi ed io stiamo
Luigi and you are
Luigi e tu state