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In the human body, the most complex level of organization is the?
Organ System
Which of the following is described as layers or masses that have common functions?
The sum of all chemical reactions in the body is called?
The self-initiated change in an organism's position or travel from one place to another is?
When an organism produces new body materials faster than old ones are worn out, the process is called?
The movement of substances within the body within body fluids is:
The most abundant chemical in the body is?
The rate at which chemical reactions take place in the body is controlled by
Which of the following is a cooling process?
Homeostasis in a healthy person
changes around the set point
When a person's body heat rises, the brain's temperature control center
increases the loss of body heat
In maintaining homeostasis, the feedback to the control center is triggered by
changes away from the set point
The mediastinum is within the
thoracic cavity
The peritoneal membranes create a potential space in the
abdominopelvic cavity
Which of the following is not a part of the integumentary system?
mucous membranes
The system that produces progeny is the
reproductive system
Which of the following is not descriptive of the anatomical position?
head turned to the right
Regarding direction terms that describe the positions of body structures, which of the following is correct?
The ears are lateral to the nose.
Tissues are composed of
similar specialized cells
Tissues are classified according to
cellular appearance and function
The function of epithelial tissue is to
cover body surfaces
All of the following statements about epithelial tissue are true except
epithelial cells are tightly packed and contain abundant extracellular material
The function of flat, simple squamous tissue cells is
diffusion and filtration
Simple columnar epithelium is found in the
digestive system
A specialization of some simple columnar epithelium is
microvilli that extend outward from the cells
Keratinized stratified squamous epithelium is found in the
Transitional epithelium is specialized to
The defining characteristic of holocrine glands is
discharge of both secretory cell and its product
Which is not a characteristic of connective tissue?
The cells of connective tissue are closely packed together.
Fibroblasts within connective tissue produce
all of the above
The connective tissue surrounding muscle groups is
loose connective tissue
Tendons and ligaments receive their strength from
irregularly arranged collagenous fibers
Fibrocartilage is found in the
joints of the pelvic girdle
The formed elements of blood include
RBC, WBC, Platelets= all of the above
The muscle tissue that is consciously controlled is
skeletal muscle
Intercalated discs are found in
cardiac muscle
The basic conductive cells of nervous tissue are
Mucous membranes are located
in the lining of cavities and tubes that have openings to the outside of the body
The function of synovial membranes is to secrete a fluid that
assures oxygen supply to joints
All of the following are functions of the skin except
exchange of gases with the environment
The cells of the epidermis that reproduce are in the
stratum basale
The layer of skin that contains cells whose cytoplasm is filled with keratin is the
stratum corneum
Melanocytes are found in
deep epidermis
The pigment that helps protect the deepest layers of the epidermis and the dermis is
Sensory and motor fibers in the skin are located in the
Which layer of epidermis can only be found in the thickened skin of the palms and soles?
stratum lucidum
Which are accessory organs of the skin?
Sweat glands, fingers and toenails, sebaceous glands = all of the above
What pigment is not responsible for hair color?
The glands usually associated with hair follicles are
sebaceous glands
The sebaceous glands of the skin are
holocrine glands
The growing portion of the nail is the
Where are the sweat glands most numerous?
the palms and soles
Sponging the skin with water helps to increase the loss of body heat by
Which of the following are usually associated with wound healing?
Inflammation, scab formation, scarring = all of the above
Knee injuries are difficult to treat because
the cartilage of the knees does not repair itself
Which of the following components of a bone is non-living?
bone matrix
To what part of the bone do tendons and ligaments attach?
Osteocytes within compact bone tissue are located in very small bony chambers called
In compact bone a structure made of osteocytes and extracellular material clustered concentrically around canals is known as
The band of cartilage between the primary and secondary ossification centers of long bones is called the
epiphyseal disk
During childhood and adolescence, bone growth in length is accomplished by dividing cells in the
The bone cells responsible for continuing remodeling of bones are
osteocytes and osteoblasts= both
When a bone is fractured, a hematoma is formed from blood escaping from
the periosteum
Which of the following is not a function of bone?
produce vitamin D cofactors
In an adult, red marrow is not found in the
diaphysis of long bones
Calcium, sodium, potassium, phosphate, and magnesium are found in
bone's extracellular matrix
The finger and toe bones are called
The orbits or eye sockets are located mainly in the
frontal bone
The mastoid process is a bony extension of the
temporal bone
The sella turcica which surrounds the pituitary gland is part of the
sphenoid bone
The fontanels of the infant skull mainly permit
molding of the head to fit through the birth canal
Which of the following is(are) not considered a part of the thoracic cage?
The coracoid process is located on the
Which of the following is not a bone forming the coxa?
the symphysis pubis
The lateral malleolus is a process on the
The bone of the leg that bears no weight is the
Which of the following is not a part of the foot?
What structure is in only a few synovial joints?
a meniscus
Bending a joint so that the angle between the bones decreases is
Moving a part toward the midline of the body is
A fibrous, flattened, sheet-like tendon is known as
The connective tissue that surrounds individual muscle fibers is
Skeletal muscle cells contain many
Nuclei and mitochondria= both
The dark bands in skeletal muscle that contribute to its striated appearance are known as
A bands
The segment of a muscle fiber that contains both actin and myosin is the
A band
The sarcomere, the basic unit of skeletal muscle extends from
Z line to Z line
Which of the following is not characteristic of the motor end plate on a muscle fiber?
synaptic vesicles
When the cross-bridge of the myosin molecule forms linkages with actin filaments, the result is
shortening of the muscle fiber
ATPase is stored in
the globular portion of the myosin filament
When a nerve impulse reaches the end of a motor neuron,
acetylcholine is released
During high intensity exercise, muscle fibers rely upon what process for energy?
anaerobic respiration
The strength of a muscle in response to different levels of stimulation is determined by the
number of motor units receiving a threshold stimulus
Rhythmicity is a property of
Peristalsis is due to which of the following characteristics of smooth muscle?
Antagonistic muscles
perform functions opposite to those performed by the prime mover