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Flew on a rocket powered chair
Wan Hoo...
Who had wax mounted wings that melted because he flew too close to the sun?
Francesco de Lana
Who wrote about a four-sphere aerial ship?
Civil War
When were air-balloons first used in the United States?
Steerable balloon
What is a dirigible?
George Cayley
Who studied birds wings for most of his designs?
What year did the Wright Flyer fly?
Otto Lilienthal
Who is credited as the "Father of Modern Aviation?"
Theodore Roosevelt
First US President to fly in an airplane.
Fastest Man on Earth
Glen Curtiss was known as.
Glen Curtiss
Who built the first seaplane in the US?
Igor Sikorsky
Who built the first four-engine aircraft?
Got lost crossing the English Channel
Louis Bleriot..
Times of war
Greatest progress of flight has occurred when?
First country to recognize ace pilot.
70-80 mph
At the beginning of WWI, what was average speed of airplanes?
Baron Manfred von Richthofen
Which one of these ace of aces shot down the most enemy aircraft?
In what year was the first nonstop Atlantic flight made?
First nonstop Atlantic Ocean crossing
John Alcock and Arthur Brown were famous for..
Group who help promote aviation after the war.
William "Billy" Mitchell was successful at convincing Congress of the need for separation of air services.
Sink a German ship
William Mitchell's first demonstration was to..
Thanksgiving Day
First National Air Race took place on which holiday?
Bendix Trophy Race
Which of the following was the first transcontinental speed race?
Jacquelyn Cochran
Who was considered the "Greatest Woman Aviator of All Time?"
Air Commerce Act of 1926
Which act served as the first attempt to regulate commercial aviation?
Spirit of St. Louis
What was Charles Lindbergh's aircraft called?
Travel Air Manufacturing Company
Stearman, Cessna, and Beech formed this aircraft company together.
Igor Sikorsky
Built the first practical helicopter.
James H. Doolittle
Flew the first aircraft "blind."
The military trained most of their pilots with the threat of WWII.