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the methods human beings use to exchange ideas, concepts, feelings, symbols, etc.
the three types of communication
verbal, nonverbal, written
types of nonverbal communication
body language, gestures, facial expressions, body proximity, eye contact, smell
body language
the use of the whole body or the different parts of the body to communicate emotions
a movement of part of the body to express an idea or meaning
facial expression
an arrangement of the facial muscles to communicate thoughts, emotions, and/or attitudes
body proximity
the distance one is separated by from another
eye contact
direct visual contact with the eyes of another person
olfactory communication
communication by smell
the three ways human behavior is classified by
human universal (hu), generalized trait (gt), cultural specific (ct)
human universal
a human trait, custom, or sociocultural practice that exists in every known society (ex: family)
generalized trait
a trait that is found in several cultures, but not all (ex: gestures)
cultural specific
a trait that is found in only one culture (ex: american flag)
the facial expressions charles darwin identified as universal
happiness, sadness, fear, anger, contempt, surprise
why charles darwin believed the expressions were universal
they were biologically hardwired
the facial expression that was eliminated from charles darwin's list later on
recent research about charles darwin's theory
expressions are learned, not hardwired
expressions identified as being key in east asian culture
shame, pride, guilt
the people being studied/tested
the people who observed the subjects and determined how much rapport they showed
how well people get along
the different ways that the raters had to evaluate the rapport
just seeing, just hearing, reading the transcript, reading the transcript and seeing, seeing and hearing
most effective mean of communication according to experiment
just seeing
Why is nonverbal communication important?
it provides insights into a person's true thoughts and emotions that you can't decipher with only words