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developed by E.D. Mitchell (University of Michigan) in the early 1920’s.
ways to advance the ball:
Dribbling with feet (soccer)  Dribbling with hands (volleyball)  Passing with hands (basketball)  Kick (soccer)
aerial ball
Ball that is played with the hands when it is in the air. May also be passed. “air ball”
When an aerial ball becomes a ground ball or vice versa
goalkeeper privileges
Pick up a ground ball  Bounce the ball once  Punt or drop kick the ball  Put ball in play after an opponent has scored
ground ball
Ball that is played with the feet when it is in contact with the ground. May be rolling, bouncing or stationary.
kick off
Begins the game from center field
throw in
Puts an out of bounds ball back into play Can be executed with one or two hands. Can be overhand or underhand throw. It must be touched by a player on the field before the person who took the throw-in can play it.
drop kick
3 points An attacker with an aerial ball converts it to the ground by dropping it. On a bounce it is kicked over the goal post.
field goal
2 points Kick in between the goal post from anywhere on the field.
penalty kick
1 point A drop kick that is awarded to the offense when a defensive player commits a violation in the penalty area. It is taken at the penalty kick mark and only the Goalie is allowed to defend it.
2 points An aerial pass from an attacker who is outside the penalty area and caught by a teammate who is behind the goal line but not between the goalposts.
how many players?
11 per team in regulation