Epithelial Tissue

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4 Main types of tissue
Epithelial, Connective, Muscular, Nervous
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Protective Covering
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Supportive and connecting structures, Provide barrier, Passage for substances, secretes substances
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Flat, jigsaw pieces are blue, purple cytoplasm; blue nucleus. Their function is to diffuse, filter, secrete, and absorb. These are found in the lining of blood vessels, Alveoli, Lining of body cavities. Cells are enable molecules to be distributed rapidly, large surface area to volume ratio
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Simple Cuboidal
Small cube-like shape (rarely perfect cube). The function is to diffuse molecules and transport secretions. They are found in the Kidney Tubules and Glands and gland ducts. ex: ring shaped formation around urine in the kidneys and around a developing egg in the ovaries
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Simple Columnar
Elongated Nuclei, Blue cytoplasm, can have cilia and goblets. Found in the stomach, colon, and Fallopian tube
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Stratified Squamous
Top layer clearly stratified. Bottom layers undefined cells. The function is to PROTECT against abrasion. Found in the esophagus and the vagina
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Stratified Squamous-Keratinized
Top layer of cells- dead, lower layers are living. Their function is protection against abrasion. These are found in on the skin
Transitional Epithelial Tissue
Stratified cells with irregular shapes. Function is to accommodate fluctuations in volume of fluid. The can be found in the urinary bladder.
Pseudostratified Columnar
Little cellular definition, a single layer of cells but not all reach the free surface, contain cilia. Function is to synthesize and secrete mucus. Can be found in the nasal cavity, trachea, bronchi. NUCLEI LOOK STRATIFIED BUT AREN'T
Glandular Epithelial Tissue
Simple Columnar Epithelial Tissue. Dark Nuclei at edge, free surface passageway at center, big goblets therefore produces GOBS of mucus