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Digital Cameras
Capable of taking pictures and are everywhere currently. They are built into tablets, laptops, and even mobile phones.
Computer-Generated Image (CGI)
They can be defined as any image that is created with the use of a computer-based processor or program.
Advertising Animation Product Design Etc...
Types of CGI
Point-and-Shoot Cameras
Also referred as compacts, they are designed fo very simple operation. These cameras include autofocus and other automatic functions and settings, and a built-in flash
Train on the use of digital camera Proper handling of the digital camera Pay attention to the subject Capture photos from unique angles
Basics of Learning Digital Photography
20th and 21st Century
Many artists throughout the world focused on utilizing new technology in the ___
Nam June Paik
One of the first artists to devote time and work with new technology
TV Buddha
One of his best work is ___, an installation in which he observed how in ancient times works.
Meditation and Enlightment
The Buddha, a representation of ____, is positioned next to two symbols of contemporary technology.
Pixel Size
It can be manipulated as well, creating effects similar to waving and mosaics.
Design Tool
The artist can "see" design procedures that include repeating and modifying images in fascinating and unbelievable ways by using the computer as a ___
The television has become the ___ and the buddha gazes upon it-an ordinary television viewer, mesmerized, lost to the world.
Nationality of Nam June Paik
Digital Art
Refers to any form of art that uses the computer