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famine, wars, religious persecution
what are three examples of reasons why immigrants were pushed from their homeland and forced to move to america?
equality of rights, find work, religious freedom
what are three examples of reasons why immigrants were pulled to america and decided to move there?
germans, irish, chinese
what are the three largest immigrant groups?
to kill a religious group
living in caves and straw huts
bad living conditions
new england states
where did immigrants from canada settle?
work in shoe and textile mills
why did immigrants from canada come to the u.s.?
san fransisco, cali
where did immigrants from china settle?
gold rush, build transcontinental railroad,
why did immigrants from china come to the u.s.?
texas, new mexico, arizona
where did immigrants from mexico settle?
agriculture, railroad work, mining, pushed by poloitcal wars
why did immigrants from mexico come to the u.s.?
los angelos, cali, hawaii
where did immigrants from japan settle?
work on sugar plantations, better life
why did immigrants from japan come to the u.s.?
east and west coast
where did immigrants from russia (jews) settle?
escape persecution, seen as foreigners in their own country, terminated and killed
why did immigrants from russia (jews) come to the u.s.?
new york and boston
where did immigrants from the caribbean (jamaica and bahamas) settle?
why did immigrants from the caribbean (jamaica and bahamas) come to the u.s
the act of coming into a country for permanent settlement
the act of leaving a country for permanent settlement
ship was cold and dark, no lighting, no windows, rats and roaches everywhere, freezing, had to sit on the floor, fed hard tack with worms, and porridge, had to bring supplies to survive
what was the trip like for immigrants
food, water, cooking pot, passport, money, important papers, citrus, pillows and blankets, cinnamon, ginger, dill herring, mint
what did immigrants have to bring to survive
food and water to survive a pot to cook food in, pillows and blankets to stay warm, citrus to prevent scurvy, cinnamon to settle upset stomachs, mint for pain relief, ginger for digestion aid, dill to help prevent heart disease, and herring to prevent seasickness, passport, money, and important papers to get into america
why did immigrants need to bring these
disabled or crippled, diseased, mentally ill, illiterate, had heart problems, were weak, didn’t have a passport, had nobody to collect them, or were unfit to work
why did immigrants get detained
discussions at a dinner party about french gov and u.s. gov
where did staute of liberty idea come from
who built statue of liberty
fredrick bartholdi
who designed statue of liberty
151 feet
how tall was the statue
copper sheets thinner than a penny
what was the statue of liberty made of
7 seas/continents
what do the 7 rays in statue of libertys crown represent
gustave eiffel
who built staute of liberty and eiffel tower
4 iron columns
what was built to support framework
3 inches
how much does statue sway in the wind
5 inches
how much does torch sway in wind
46 feet
how long is the torch
8 feet
how long is the index finger
5 feet
how long is the nose
how many crates was the statue of liberty packed into
4 weeks
how long did statue take to reach u.s.
june 17, 1885
when did statue arrive
when was statue dedicated
new supports and torch, careful cleansing
what did statue receive in 1986
4 years
how long did renewal of statue take
31 million
how much did renewal of statue cost
1. live in u.s. for 5 years (if married to u.s. citizen only 3) 2. good moral character (no felonies) 3. sound mind (not insane) 4. speak & understand english
what were u.s. citizenship requirments
immigrants had to take u.s. citizenship test
what happened whan all requirments were met
house immigrants lived in
Not enough houses for new immigrants so they were forced to buy houses on the outskirts of town, rent cramped rooms in boarding houses, take over old houses, or live in cramped, unsanitary tenements
housing problem
NYC government passed laws that set minimum standards for plumbing, safety, and ventilation in apartments, required a window in every bedroom to provide fresh air, and set up the Tenement House Department to inspect tenemants
housing solution
Most immigrants had to take low-paying jobs in factories, mills, and sweatshops, where hours were long and conditions were dangerous
poverty problem
Immigrants organized strikes, with the longest being 133 days, and won new contracts for increased wages and fewer working hours.
poverty solution
International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union
poverty reform group
Residents of many cities had inadequate pipe water or none at all and few people had indoor plumbing
water problem
Filtration and chlorination were invented to make water cleaner and safer to drink and use
water solution
Pickpockets and thieves increased with the populations of cities
crime problem
NYC organized the first full-time, salaried police force in 1844
crime solution
Limited water supplies, wooden buildings, and using candles and heaters made fire hazards
fire problem
Fire departments were made, buildings were made of brick, stone, or concrete, and indoor fire sprinklers were invented
fire solution
Cities were unable to meet transportation demands of growing population
transportation problem
Streetcars and mass transit, which is transportation systems designed to move large groups of people, were invented
transportion solution
is jake pritchett hot
no charleigh
is landon hot
political machine
an organized group that controls the activities of a political party in a city
political machine pyramid
city bosses, ward bosses, local captains & workers
controlled access to jobs, influenced the court, gave money to schools, homes, & orphanages, built parks, sewer systems, & waterworks, solved urban probems to reinforce voters trust & loyalty & gain voter support
what did city bosses do
worked to secure the vote in all the precincts in the ward or electoral district, helped the poor & gained their votes by doing favors or providing services
what did ward bosses do
tried to get voters’ support on a city block or in a neighborhood
what did local workers and captains do
they were in need of so much
why were immigrants targeted by city bosses
attaining citizenship, finding housing & jobs
what did city bosses help immigrants with
their vote
what did immigrants give politcal bosses
election fraud
when a political machine would use their political power illegally for personal gain
billing the city more than cost of materials & labor, granted favors to buisnesses for cash, accepted bribes to allow gambling, cast votes under fake names to win
how would political machines take kickbacks
in nyc a courthouse was built for 3 million but taxpayers payed 13 million which gave tweed ring 10 million
example of a kickback
william m. tweed
who was boss tweed
led tweed ring in nyc
what did boss tweed do
yes but not anymore
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