Science Separating Mixtures Year 7

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What is a solution?
Mixture of a soluble substance (Solute) being dissolved in solvent. Example sugar (soluble) and water (Solvent)
To get rid of Solvent in a mixture we use...
Evaporation (solvent evaporates)
A process separates the Solvent substances in a solution based on their boiling points. (the solvent is captured in a conical flask)
What is a boiling point?
The temperature when a solvent substance evaporates. turns into a gas.
condensing point
the temperature at which the vapor pressure of the solvent is the same as the external pressure.
What is a solute?
A substance that is dissolved in a solvent
What is insoluble?
Can't be dissolved in a solvent
What is soluble?
able to be dissolved in a solvent.
What is distillate?
The liquid collected during distillation.
what is crystillisation?
The soild form of a liquid.
What is an aqueous solution?
When the solvent of a mixture is water.
What is a saturated solution
a solution in which no more solute can dissolve
What is a suspension?
A mixture of a substance and a insoluble substance. Example sand and water.
What are some separating techniques?
Filtering, Decanting, Seiving and Separating funnel.
What is Sediment?
Matter that settles to the bottom of a liquid.
What is residue?
The substance that remains after separation
What is density?
The measurement of how thick a substance or material is.
What is a colloid?
A mixture containing small, undissolved particles that do not settle out. Example is Paint
A colloid whitch is spread evenly through another.
Controlled variable
something that you can controll in an experiment.
Independant variable
a variable that stands alone and isn't changed by the other variables you are trying to measure or find out.
Dependent variable
is the effect that the indipent variable. example the sunlight is the indipent variable and the groth of the plant is the dependant as it is the effect of the sunlight.